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    47 Products Under £5, Under £15, And Under £25 To Check Out In 2021

    No matter your budget, you can find something that takes your fancy!

    ✨Under £5✨

    1. This essential oil roller ball has a relaxing combination of geranium, orange, and nutmeg. It also has over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars!

    2. This pocket-sized gadget can open doors, interact with touchscreens, and push buttons which means you won't have to touch surfaces with your hand.

    3. This folding eyelash comb de-clumps your mascara and defines your lashes.

    4. This multipurpose herb stripper can also be used to cut vegetables, fruit, and dough.

    5. These facial razors are great for shaping your eyebrows, removing peach fuzz, and exfoliating dead skin.

    6. This adorable Totoro keychain might not guard the forest, but it will guard your keys.

    7. This jar opener has three adjustable openings which means it can open a wide variety of lids with ease.

    8. These fluffy fake lashes are perfect for creating a dramatic look. They can be reused up to 50 times!

    9. These quirky astronaut earrings are an out-of-this-world accessory!

    10. This Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask is infused with soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile, so you can get a spa-quality facial for less than £3.

    11. Rub this anti-blister stick on the backs of your heels to prevent friction and irritation when you wear new or slightly uncomfortable shoes.

    12. These Invisibobble hair ties apply uneven pressure around your ponytail to avoid uncomfortable tugging, ponytail dents, and breakage.

    13. This wildly popular wet hair brush stimulates the scalp, helps to evenly distribute product through wet hair, and – according to the reviews – is an effective way to decrease dandruff.

    14. This hilarious Kermit pin is worth its weight in gold, and that's the tea.

    15. Instantly add some glam to your hairdo with these faux pearl clips.

    16. This descaling gadget allows your tap to be immersed in in whatever solution you use, providing a much deeper clean.

    17. Get a manicure worthy of a mermaid with this shimmery nail polish that dries in as little as 60 seconds.

    ✨Under £15✨

    18. Just toss one of these sachets into the fireplace and watch the flames become a multicoloured spectacle.

    19. Use this night cream from Burt's Bees to moisturise your face and neck, so you wake up without dry winter skin. It's made with soothing rice extract and aloe, so it's suitable for sensitive skin!

    20. If you're slightly obsessed with your houseplants, then why not get this beginner-friendly embroidery kit that has everything you need to stitch a design featuring three plants?

    21. Keep your hair out of your face with these stylish knot headbands.

    22. This adorable little pot will make your plant look like it's sleeping.

    23. This astronaut reading light will have you saying, "Houston, we don't have a problem."

    24. These minimalist geometric hair clips will make it look like you actually put effort into styling your hair this morning.

    25. These woven baskets will provide storage for toys, makeup, and knick-knacks, as well as add a rustic accent to your room.

    26. This Yankee candle smells like Christmas cookies. Even though the holiday season is over, why wouldn't you want your home to smell like delicious cookies?

    27. You can use these multicoloured LED lights to decorate your room or to backlight your TV and monitor, which reduces eyestrain.

    28. This Aztec clay mask is one of those cult beauty products that will completely redefine your skincare routine – it reduces redness, tackles both spots and blackheads, and leaves your face feeling clean, smooth, and glowing. Reviewers recommend mixing the clay with apple cider vinegar to maximise its anti-acne effects!

    29. This hanging moon garland will give your room a fun, lunar aesthetic.

    30. These golden under-eye sheet masks use hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of dark or puffy eye bags, making you look well-rested.

    31. These drawer organisers will help you finally organise your wardrobe, so you won't have spend ages digging around for your favourite bra.

    32. These strainers collapse into a flat circle, meaning they'll take up minimal space in your kitchen.

    ✨Under £25✨

    33. Swap your plastic disposable razors for this bamboo safety razor that's way better for the environment AND will give you a closer, smoother shave that's less likely to result in ingrown hairs.

    34. This essential oil diffuser will humidify the air in your home (which means less dry skin) and make it smell like your favourite essential oil.

    35. This sleeping mask has Bluetooth so you can comfortably fall asleep listening to a soothing podcast, white noise playlist, or audiobook.

    36. These over-ear wireless headphones are an affordable alternative to brand-name versions and they have an average rating of 4.3 stars with 8,882 reviews, so you know that they're pretty high quality.

    37. This personal blender is small enough that it won't clutter up your kitchen, but still powerful enough that it can whip up a delicious smoothie in about 30 seconds.

    38. If your bedroom is also your office, then get this little standing desk that's perfect for working in bed. And if you don't WFH, you can use it to eat breakfast in bed!

    39. This blackhead vacuum uses suction to remove gunk and sebum from your pores.

    40. You'll be over the moon for this gorgeous touch-control lamp.

    41. This wireless vibrator has eight speeds and 20 vibration patterns, so you're basically guaranteed to have *good vibes* in 2021.

    42. This set of watercolour brush pens will inspire you to pick up a new hobby and unleash your creative side!

    43. Learn the delicious art of baking from the judge of GBBO with Paul Hollywood's How To Bake. It'll teach you how to make handshake-worthy treats like a triple layer chocolate cake, croissants, baklava, and more!

    44. This weighted blanket will help take your sleep routine to the next level. It evenly distributes pressure around your body, which helps you relax and stay comfortable throughout the night (no more tossing and turning!).

    45. This set of 12 organic bath bombs release essential oils and moisturising shea butter when dropped in water. They're pretty popular too – they have an average rating of 4.8 stars and over 2,800 reviews!

    46. Add some storage and organisation to your desk with this mini bookshelf that you can arrange in a variety of ways.

    47. Finally, this fluffy blanket hoodie will make you feel like you're wearing a hug. It's the perfect thing to throw on when when you're drinking tea, binge-watching Netflix, or just lounging around!