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    27 Products To Buy In 2020 That You Probably Should Have Bought In 2019

    Better late than never!

    1. These genius earplugs preserve the clarity and richness of music while reducing sound by roughly 20 decibels, so you can enjoy your concert without permanently damaging your hearing.

    2. A 52-week guided journal that helps you become more grateful and positive through a combination of inspirational quotes, reflective prompts, and weekly checkpoints.

    3. This amazing silicone popcorn maker can make 15 cups of popcorn in less than four minutes. It's compatible with dishwashers AND it doubles as a bowl for your popcorn.

    4. A pack of two non-stick oven liners that are way easier to clean when your baking attempts turn out to be a little less The Great British Bake Off and a little more Nailed It.

    5. A microfibre hair towel that dries your hair so much faster than regular towels AND minimises breakage.

    6. This magnetic phone holder that attaches to your car vent – how has nobody thought of this before?

    7. This durable foam sponge will last you for ages (and by ages, I mean for up to nine months)

    8. This dramatic red lipstick that will instantly make you feel like a femme fatale.

    9. This sock organiser keeps your sock pairs together in the wash, so you never have to have to go hunting for the missing matching sock again.

    10. A heat resistant silicone mat that wraps around your hair straightener or curler, so you can pop it back in the drawer without waiting for it to cool down.

    11. A password keeper because trying to remember every username and password in 2020 is literally impossible and notebooks are still unhackable.

    12. These vintage-style sunglasses make any outfit feel edgy yet classic.

    13. An electric toothbrush that will clean your teeth way better than a manual one. Cavities? Don't know her.

    14. RIP to all your hair elastics that snapped or disappeared in 2019. This year, try some velvet scrunchies that are stylish, long-lasting, and much harder to lose.

    15. This stick-on webcam cover because we all need to be more proactive about protecting our privacy.

    16. A jade roller that gives your skin a healthy glow and feels *so* nice.

    17. A reusable straw that collapses and fits into a portable little case, so it's super convenient.

    18. An essential oil diffuser that instantly transforms any room into an aromatherapy paradise.

    19. A geometric tealight candle holder that only looks expensive.

    20. Some anti-vibration rubber feet that stop your washing machine or dishwasher from skidding out of place AND makes them way less loud.

    21. A bath pillow, because it's hard to relax when resting your head against uncomfortable porcelain. The mesh material dries quickly and doesn't trap bad odours!

    22. An air purifier that will filter out smoke, pollen, mould, and pollutants. Your skin and your lungs will thank you!

    23. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes that will undo the knots in your neck and back.

    24. This vitamin C face serum that uses hyaluronic acid to reduce redness, clear up blemishes, relieve itchiness, AND repair sun damage.

    25. A security camera that connects to your phone, so you can check in on your home whenever and wherever you want!

    26. Spruce up your jacket with a heart-shaped pin that will remind everyone what not to be.

    27. A kettlebell, so you can skip the gym membership and get in shape at home.