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    21 Products That Are Perfect For People Who Want To Be More Productive

    Things for procrastinators trying to deal with their procrastination

    1. A fidget cube because, contrary to popular opinion, fidgeting can actually help you stay focused.

    2. This useful planner is specifically designed to help people who procrastinate get stuff done.

    3. Write your important reminders on these eye-catching sticky notes.

    4. These helpful glasses filter out blue light from your screens, meaning you can get your stuff done without dealing with irritated peepers!

    5. If you're bad at time management, this cute hedgehog timer will let you know when it's time to take a break and when you need to get back to work.

    6. This notepad with tear-away pages will take your to-do lists to the next level.

    7. These pimple patches will clear your spots overnight, making your morning routine that much quicker.

    8. These cat pens will make you want to start writing right meow.

    9. The cuteness of this pink llama duster will motivate you to finally get around to cleaning your house.

    10. This sunrise alarm clock uses light to wake you up gradually, so you can start your day feeling well-rested and ready to tackle your to-do lists.

    11. If you do your best brainstorming in the shower, try this waterproof notebook so you don't have to wait to write down your brilliant ideas.

    12. A lumbar support pillow corrects your sitting posture, meaning you'll be way more comfortable in the long term.

    13. An easy way to improve productivity is to add an extra light source, like this eye-friendly desk lamp.

    14. This smart notebook is reusable; so it's the only notebook you'll ever need.

    15. A cluttered desk can be distracting AF: this marble-patterned caddy keeps your supplies organised and frees up your desk space.

    16. Or, if you work with a lot of paper, try this set of four rose gold desk organisers.

    17. This magnetic whiteboard helps you meal plan and constantly update your grocery list.

    18. A monthly financial planner will keep you on top of your money. Spend less time stressing about your bank account and more time working on what you're passionate about.

    19. You can clean your flat by just walking around in these microfibre mop slippers.

    20. In Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It, Dr. Jane Burka and Dr. Lenora Yuen explore the psychology behind procrastination.

    21. Finally, avoid distractions with these waterproof, noise-canceling headphones.