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    22 Products That Might Look Regular But Have Dramatic Results

    We love a drama queen.

    1. This wood polish reverses drying and other damages on all your wooden surfaces.

    2. A powerful eyelash serum that will make it look like you're always wearing mascara.

    3. This mould remover spray is one of our most popular products, and for good reason too. This powerful cleanser will take your shower from mouldy to shiny with just a few spritzes!

    4. These little transparent pimple patches basically heal your pimples overnight. Who knew skincare could be so easy?

    5. Some teeth whitening strips that will leave you with a super-bright smile in just 14 days!

    6. Make your old jewellery shine like new with this genius cleaning pen! It makes cleaning diamonds, precious stones, platinum, and gold incredibly easy.

    7. Say goodbye to all your disposable makeup wipes, because this reusable cloth removes all your makeup WITHOUT cleansing solution.

    8. It's almost scary how much gunk this blackhead vacuum sucks up from your pores.

    9. Make your old jumpers look brand new with this fabric shaver that removes all the fuzzy clumps on your knitwear.

    10. A hair finishing stick that will slick down frizz and flyaways.

    11. This restoration kit will make your headlights look as good as new!

    12. This brilliant shower head increases water pressure while conserving water AND it filters hard water, so your hair looks way healthier.

    13. Going on a winter holiday? Don't forget to pack these powerful mosquito-repelling bracelets with over 1,700 reviews.

    14. This brow dye kit darkens your brows, so it looks like they're always filled in.

    15. These drawer dividers make organising your socks and underwear so visually satisfying. You can just feel Marie Kondo's approval!

    16. A bottle of Chamberlain's leather milk conditioner restores your old leather boots, bags, and jackets to tip-top shape.

    17. Try this plumping lipgloss for a temporary but impactful look.

    18. These LED light strips backlight your TV, decreasing eye strain and increasing how cool your TV looks.

    19. Have you ever wanted to change your hair colour without the commitment of permanently dyeing it? Try hair colouring wax for a temporary and damage-free way to change up your hair.

    20. This bun maker might look like one of those snap-on bracelets everyone obsessed over in the '00s, but it can actually give you a flawless updo in less than ten seconds.

    21. These dimming stickers dim those annoying LED lights on your chargers and routers.

    22. These slender velvet hangers will massively increase your wardrobe space.