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    35 Amazon Products That Just Make Sense

    Including a brush that cleans your keyboard and a magnetic key holder!

    1. A liquid-free reusable screen cleaner that features a microfibre side to removes tough smudges and a terry cloth side that removes dust. Neither side leaves streaks!

    2. A cat self-grooming toy you can stick onto any corner or wall that will give your kitty a place to shed their fur that's NOT your sofa, carpet, or clothes.

    3. A satin-lined beanie to keep you warm without frizzing up your hair! RIP hat hair, you will not be missed.

    4. A stick-on bedside shelf for your phone, glasses, or any other small item that you'd like to keep near your bed.

    5. A magnetic dishwasher sign that means you'll never have to to wonder if those dishes are dirty or clean again.

    6. A compact cutlery organiser that lets you store a full set of cutlery using a fraction of the space thanks to its angled sections.

    7. This tiered cupboard organiser that improves visibility so you can see all of your jars, spices, and cans at a single glance!

    8. These drawer dividers that will FINALLY organise your underwear and bras.

    9. A slender brush that's designed to clean window gaps, keyboards, vents, and other tricky spots where dust tends to accumulate.

    10. This bicycle pizza cutter that's easy to grip and super fun to use!

    11. A hamper that lets you sort your dirty clothes into darks and lights before you do laundry.

    12. Some popular teeth-whitening pens (seriously, they have over 19,000 reviews) that are small and compact, so they won't clutter up your bathroom storage. Plus, they're mint-flavoured so they'll leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean!

    13. A silicone wine holder, because the only way to make a bubble math more relaxing is with a glass of vino.

    14. Some under-shelf storage baskets to massively increase your wardrobe space without sacrificing organisation.

    15. A pocket-sized gadget that can open doors, interact with touchscreens, and push buttons which means you won't have to touch surfaces with your hand.

    16. An anti-blister stick that you can rub on the backs of your heels to prevent friction and irritation when you wear new or slightly uncomfortable shoes.

    17. Some Invisibobble hair ties that apply uneven pressure around your ponytail to avoid uncomfortable tugging, ponytail dents, and breakage.

    18. A descaling gadget that allows your tap to be immersed in whatever solution you use, providing a much deeper clean.

    19. Some retractable drawers to make the most of your fridge space and also prevent food from getting lost at the back of the shelf and going to waste.

    20. A flexible drain brush that will remove a genuinely horrifying amount of hair and gunk from your sink and shower.

    21. Some furniture socks that are A) absolutely adorable and B) really good at protecting your floor from scratches.

    22. A TubShroom that catches hair without stopping water from draining. It's great at preventing drain clogs which can be pretty pricey to fix!

    23. These sock clips that prevent your socks from getting separated or lost when you do laundry. You'll never have to wear mismatched socks again!

    24. An under-the-desk headphone holder that will maximise your precious desk space. The holder comes with adhesive tape, so you don't need any tools to install it!

    25. Some pretty fairy lights with photo clips to light up your room and display some of your favourite memories!

    26. Some colour-changing LED strips that are way more fun (and flattering) than overhead lighting. You can also use the strips to backlight your screens which can reduce eyestrain!

    27. A handy little gadget that can reseal your opened bags, keeping your snacks fresh for longer!

    28. A reusable water bottle with motivational time markers that remind you to stay hydrated!

    29. A nesting food preparation set from Joseph Joseph that's so aesthetically pleasing and includes a colander, five measuring spoons, and mixing bowls in a variety of sizes.

    30. Some pimple patches that heal your spots overnight! The patches create a protective barrier over your pimple, which prevents further contamination and creates a moist environment that helps bring your spot to a head.

    31. A microfibre duster that's designed to clean blinders and vents. When it gets dirty, just take off the sleeves and pop them in the wash!

    32. Some facial razors that scrape away peach fuzz AND dead skin, leaving your face looking smooth and even.

    33. A pair of hooks for your AirPods that contour to your ears, keeping your earphones in place. Finally, you can go for a jog without worrying about losing your expensive headphones!

    34. A magnetic key holder that's so pretty, it will make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

    35. A teeny tiny silicone spatula that will make sure you use every last drop of your expensive foundations, lotions, and serums.