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    25 Genius Products That Deserve A Standing Ovation

    "I live for the applause, applause, applause." – every product on this list.

    1. A popular ice cube tray WITH A LID that makes the stressful AF walk from the sink to the fridge a totally chill experience. Plus, the lid prevents the ice cubes from absorbing freezer odours.

    2. Revamp your computer with this purple gradient keyboard cover that protects your computer from spills, stains, and key wear.

    3. This handy gizmo instantly relieves itchy insect bites and prevents swelling by inhibiting the histamine release and neutralising the toxins of of the bite.

    4. I'm sorry, but there just isn't a good reason to not buy this mounted flowerpot that's so cute it's ridiculous.

    5. You can mix this french pink clay with your favourite essential oils to make a custom face mask, or you can just mix it with water.

    6. These pimple patches, so you can say "Adios!" to your peskiest spots.

    7. Your kids will love this tablet holder that attaches to the headrest.

    8. These special tweezers make applying false eyelashes an achievable goal.

    9. This toothpaste dispenser makes sure that you get out every last bit of toothpaste and it's super satisfying to use.

    10. Make your own face masks with this mixing set that has everything you need for an at-home spa day.

    11. These little sachets turn regular, boring fire into a vibrant, multicoloured spectacle.

    12. If peeling garlic makes you want to punch a wall, you need these silicone tubes that peel cloves with minimal effort.

    13. This spaghetti portion tool, because it's impossible to correctly estimate the exact amount of spaghetti you need by yourself.

    14. This eyelash separator gets rid of mascara clumps and makes your lashes look longer.

    15. This silicone spill-stopper prevents water from boiling over. Plus, you can also use it to steam veggies.

    16. Treat your favourite feline friend to this hilarious and cosy shark bed.

    17. Or, if your cat prefers high places, get them this sturdy window hammock that's machine washable.

    18. This shower curtain has pockets. POCKETS, people!

    19. These vegan-friendly mouthwash tablets are perfect for travelling AND they're a more sustainable solution.

    20. This insanely popular eyemask is contoured to fit your face so it's way more comfortable than other ones.

    21. This gorgeous nail polish dries in 60 seconds or less, so you're not blowing on your nails all day.

    22. This knife sharpener folds into itself so it takes up minimal drawer space.

    23. These holders will prevent your groceries from sliding around in your boot.

    24. Finally, these adjustable mirrors eliminate your blind spot when you're driving.