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    24 Products That Are Somehow Gross And Satisfying At The Same Time

    Ew, but also, cool?

    1. This addictive device basically vacuums the gunk out of your pores.

    2. This foot peel makes your foot look straight-up disgusting, but it will leave your feet feeling smooth AF.

    3. This tile brush is skinny enough to clean even the hardest-to-reach grout.

    4. This cute scrub exfoliates all the dead skin off of your lips.

    5. When you see how much hair this tub shroom catches, you'll wonder how you're not bald.

    6. This charcoal face mask is black, so you get to see all the nasties that it peeled off.

    7. This de-shedding glove gathers loose hairs from your doggo while you pet them.

    8. This watermelon cutter makes quick work of slicing your favourite fruit into perfect squares.

    9. This earwax removal kit is way safer and more effective than a cotton swab, but it's still pleasantly gross.

    10. This six-in-one extraction kit can tackle blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and more.

    11. These pimple patches heal your spots overnight by absorbing all their gunk and secretions.

    12. This air purifier filters out odours, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from the air – which means cleaning your air filter is a bit nasty but also kinda fun.

    13. This wax kit is designed to get rid of your nostril hairs.

    14. You will either be grossed out or weirdly pleased by how much pet hair and dust this reusable lint roller gathers.

    15. This copper tongue scraper, get this, scrapes bacteria and gunk off of your tongue.

    16. These waxing strips are great for removing hair from your upper lip, and there is nothing grosser or more oddly satisfying than a used wax strip.

    17. This charcoal toothpaste will make you look a bit like a demon whenever you brush your teeth, but people swear by its whitening properties.

    18. This apple slicer cores and cuts your apple into eight even pieces.

    19. For the perfect manicure at home, use this peel-off cuticle guard that keeps your nail polish on your nails and not on your skin.

    20. This peel-off face mask, with hydrating and restorative properties, is clear which means it looks like you're peeling off your own skin.

    21. These teeth whitening strips are a bit messy to use, but they'll leave you with a dazzling smile.

    22. This sticky slime cleans tricky places like air vents, your keyboard, or your instruments. It's a weird but gratifying experience!

    23. These cotton swabs are designed to clean out all the earwax and gunk from your earphones.

    24. This garlic press makes mincing garlic a breeze, but it's also a bit icky to watch the garlic come out through those holes.