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    37 Products So Good They Have An Average Amazon Rating Of 4.7 Stars Or Higher

    Only the best!

    1. This waterproof desk mat will make your working from home setup more organised and efficient.

    2. Restore your blunt knives to their former glory with this three stage knife sharpener.

    3. This wine aerator means you don't have to wait for your wine to "breathe" to experience the best flavour.

    4. People swear by this adult colouring book that's full of rather, well, colourful language.

    5. Get rid of that dark grime in your shower with this foaming mould remover spray that can also tackle fungi and algae growth.

    6. These pastel highlighters are just like regular highlighters, but prettier.

    7. This dishwasher-safe mug is specially designed to heat up soup in the microwave. It comes with a leak-proof lid that prevents splatter stains and transforms the mug into a to-go cup!

    8. Colour away your stress with these fun fine-point pens. The ink washes off of skin and fabric, so they're kid-friendly too!

    9. This apple divider will easily cut your apple into eight even slices.

    10. If you don't like scrubbing down your oven every time you roast a chicken, then try these reusable oven liners! They prevent drips and spills from hardening onto your oven base AND you can clean them by popping them in the dishwasher or washing them by hand with soapy water.

    11. The easy-to-clean design of this Danish whisk prevents dough from clumping and getting caught between the wires. Plus, you can use the edge of the whisk as a spatula or scraper!

    12. You can make ninja-bread men with these fun cookie cutters, which are so much better than regular gingerbread men.

    13. This pizza tray ensures that the entire crust of the pizza is equally crispy, because nothing is worse than a pizza with burnt edges and a doughy middle.

    14. This bewitching cauldron mug will make your morning potion – I mean, your morning tea – taste even more magical.

    15. These colourful silicone cupcake liners are completely reusable and save you from having to grease your cupcake tins.

    16. This gorgeous notebook is bound with vegan leather.

    17. And why not write in that gorgeous journal with these even more gorgeous felt-tip pens that are every organiser's dream?

    18. Learn how to make bacon naan rolls, okra fries, masala chai, and more with the Dishoom cookbook.

    19. This nesting food preparation set from Joseph Joseph includes a colander, five measuring spoons, and mixing bowls in a variety of sizes.

    20. This wood-neck coffee maker preserves the flavour of your coffee, even if you refrigerate or reheat it.

    21. This easy-to-grip peeler has a built-in potato eyer.

    22. Add a pop of colour to your decor with this bohemian cushion cover.

    23. This rechargeable facial hair remover is perfect for shaping your eyebrows.

    24. This antibacterial all-purpose cleaner smells like rhubarb instead of harsh chemicals.

    25. This dishwasher-safe garlic press can crush multiple cloves at once.

    26. Your child will adore this beautiful castle decal that won't damage the walls.

    27. This body cream is infused with honey and green tea that will moisturise and revitalise your skin.

    28. Remove calluses and hard skin with this popular foot file.

    29. This six-pack of vegan soap is infused with soothing essential oils that will leave your hands clean and sweet-smelling.

    30. Instantly add some bohemian vibes to your bedroom with this macramé wall hanging.

    31. Treat yourself (or someone else) to these colourful scented bath bombs.

    32. This foamy leave-in conditioner will hydrate and repair damaged hair.

    33. Customers love how this popular perfume smells more expensive than it actually is.

    34. This hair detangler quickly and painlessly removes knots.

    35. Unlike other hand creams, O'Keefe's hand cream moisturises dry skin AND creates a barrier that protects your hands and prevents further cracking.

    36. This cuticle oil moisturises and heals dry and cracked cuticles.

    37. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy will warm your heart and give you ALL the feels. All of them. Every single feel.