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    Sep 23, 2019

    19 Products Mums Say Can Actually Make Pregnancy A Bit Easier

    Thank god for mums and their wisdom.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the mums of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us about the products that made their pregnancies easier. Here are their very helpful recommendations.

    1. Swollen feet are a common side effect of pregnancy. Wearing compression socks is a great way to ease your swelling and discomfort.

    Amazon / Via

    "Compression socks. I've worn them for 14 years for POTS when my symptoms flare up, but they were a godsend during pregnancy. Swollen feet can be pretty painful."


    Price: £12.85

    2. Having a hard time getting comfortable? Use a body pillow to sleep easier.

    Amazon / Via

    "I lived for my pregnancy pillow. The support it provided was PERFECT. It was the only way I slept towards the end."


    "My C-shaped body pillow solved all of my sleep problems even in the first trimester. It was amazing."


    Price: £53.99

    3. Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your back. A back massager pillow can help ease your aches and undo your knots.

    Amazon / Via

    "A back massager brother got me one for my birthday and I almost cried. My back hurt a lot, especially as I got bigger, so I used it constantly."


    Price: £26.24

    4. Some mums used Palmer's Tummy Butter to reduce stretch marks...

    Amazon / Via

    "Palmer's Tummy Butter. Used it for two pregnancies and not a single stretch mark."


    Price: £5.99

    5. ...while some mums prefer Burt's Bee's Mama Bee Belly Butter to ease their tight skin.

    Amazon / Via

    "Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. No stretch marks and such a relief on your tight skin!"


    Price: £9.37

    6. Maternity leggings help you stay comfortable if you're exercising or just having a lazy day.


    "Maternity leggings!! I'm plus size and I love the ones with the big belly panel that goes all the way up under your boobs."


    Price: £12.99-£20.99 depending on size/colour.

    7. Skip the bra strap extenders and get yourself a cute bralette.

    Amazon / Via

    "A bunch of stretchy and supportive bralettes - those stupid bra strap extenders just make the band looser, but my boobs went from massive to gigantic and my band size didn't change, as most women's doesn't. It's the cup where you need some room."


    Price: £14.79

    8. A good pair of maternity jeans are worth their weight in gold.

    Amazon / Via

    "A good pair of maternity jeans, worth every single penny for comfort, for outfit options, everything."


    Price: £29.95

    9. Likewise, there's no better investment than a stylish maternity top.

    Amazon / Via

    "Maternity shirts, especially the basics. I thought I could get away with oversized tops for my entire pregnancy, especially since maternity things can be expensive and obviously only good for a short time. It got me until about 35 weeks pregnant when even oversized tops fit me weird. I just wanted to wear something that actually fit but I was so close to the end it felt like it was too late to buy maternity tops. I wish I would have spent the money first thing so I could have gotten more use out of them. Plus, maternity tops just show off your belly better without making you look like a walking tent."


    Price: £5.99-£11.19 depending on size/colour.

    10. To save some money, try to find some maternity pieces that will also let you nurse.

    Amazon / Via

    "Maternity clothes that double up as nursing friendly outfits that will not just save you money but mean you won't have to think about boob-accessible clothes when baby is born."


    Price: £19/95-£21.99 depending on colour/size.

    11. Chub rub is a nightmare. Dodge the chafing by applying an anti-chafe balm to your inner thighs.

    Amazon / Via

    "Body Glide anti-chafe balm has been relieving the nasty thigh chafe I have been getting of recent, even when I’m wearing my maternity pants. Not only has my pregnant belly been growing, my thighs have been too. I use it when I’m standing and walking all day at work and it’s been nothing short of a miracle. No more red and rashy thighs here!!!"


    Price: £18.45 for 42 grams.

    12. It's important to stay hydrated whilst pregnant. A vacuum insulated, reusable water bottle is essential (also, it's good for the enviroment).

    Amazon / Via

    "You have to drink a bajillion gallons of water every day to stay hydrated. So a nice, insulated water canister is KEY!"


    Price: £10.99

    13. Bending down to tie your own shoes becomes an Olympic event when in your second trimester. Avoid the hassle with comfy, slip-on Birkenstocks.

    Amazon / Via

    "I LIVED in Birkenstocks the last two months during my pregnancy. I just didn't want to tie any shoes. It was hot outside, and my arches would hurt so much the second I put my feet on the ground, so slipping on my Birks saved my life."


    Price: £44.00-£69.76 depending on size/colour.

    14. A foot spa will soothe your aching feet and add a little bit of luxury to your life.

    Amazon / Via

    "A foot bath massager! I was pregnant in a very hot summer and carried my bath everywhere around with me! I used it with cool water, sometimes ice cubes, too. It helped me to deal with the weather and hurting, swollen feet. Wonderful!"


    Price: £39.99

    15. One in three pregnant women experience hot flushes. A gel pillow helps you stay cool and comfortable.

    Amazon / Via

    "A cooling gel pillow. At night, especially wrapped in my maternity pillow for comfort I would get VERY hot, mostly the tops of my thighs. The gel cooling pad was great as I could just place it under my duvet on the hot spot and get instant relief. It would stay cool long enough for me to fall back asleep. Also helped in hospital, maternity wards are kept SO warm!"


    Price: £11.99

    16. Fight morning sickness with these acupressure wrist bands.

    Amazon / Via

    "Sea bands for nausea! I used them for most of my first trimester and it really helped."


    Price: £8.99

    17. Incontinence and post-partum bleeding: the struggle is real. Literally every person who has given birth since the dawn of time has dealt with it. Try Depend's pants for easier and better protection.

    Amazon / Via

    "Depend's Silhouettes instead of overnight panty liners for post-partum bleeding. You get more coverage and less worry about messing up your clothes. Plus, they're great for when your water breaks!!"


    Price: £32.75

    18. Prevent back pain with a supportive belly band.

    Amazon / Via

    "A belly sling to support my bump and take some of the weight off my back. The one I had was the 'prenatal cradle' but I see that there are a lot more available now. I wore it through two pregnancies and two friends borrowed it as well."


    Price: £11.85

    19. And finally, read Expecting Better by Emily Oster to demystify your pregnancy and learn the facts.

    Amazon / Via

    "The book Expecting Better by Emily Oster. She breaks down all of the recommendations and old wives' tales that you hear about pregnancy and dives into the actual data so that you can stop stressing and make informed choices."


    "Expecting Better literally changed my life - I relaxed so much more for both pregnancies having actual information as to what I could and couldn't do rather than vague woolly information!"


    "Expecting Better was amazing! So fun to say ‘actually I CAN have coffee!’ to people who would lecture me."


    Price: £5.99 on Kindle, £6.93 paperback, and £31.79 hardcover.

    Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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