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    18 Things That Will Make You Feel Like The Main Character In A Movie

    "Hmm, nothing on this list for me!" – every sidekick and minor character.

    1. Some insanely popular wireless earbuds (seriously, they have over 150,000 reviews) that are a comfy and affordable alternative to big-name brand ones.

    2. A genuinely stunning notebook, because all protagonists should keep a diary – just ask Bridget Jones, Princess Mia Thermopolis, or Veronica Sawyer!

    3. A set of K-Beauty sheet masks that will make you feel like you're in the middle of a makeover montage.

    4. A reusable shopping bag for you to carry your groceries which, according to movie laws, must always include a baguette.

    5. An Instax printer that can print photos directly from your phone, so you can have mementos of all of your adventures.

    6. Some fairy lights with photo clips that will display your favourite memories and quickly make your bedroom feel chic yet cinematic.

    7. Some pastel highlighters that will make mundane activities so aesthetically pleasing, you'll feel like you're in a Wes Anderson movie.

    8. A pair of roller skates, because honestly who doesn't feel like a protagonist while wearing roller skates?

    9. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can stick onto the walls of your shower, so you can sing along to "Pocket Full Of Sunshine" just like Emma Stone in Easy A.

    10. A necklace with your initial on it so you can join the Carrie Bradshaw club of protagonists with iconic personalised jewellery.

    11. Or this astrology constellation necklace, if you want to be the star of a rom-com.

    12. Some sleek pyjamas so you can lounge around in comfy clothes but still feel camera-ready.

    13. These watercolour brush pens to help you become the artsy heroine you were born to be.

    14. A mini heart-shaped waffle-maker that will instantly make your life feel like one of your fave '00s rom coms.

    15. A cauldron mug, so you can sip tea and instantly feel like you're the lead of a TV show about modern witches making their way in the world one spell at a time.

    16. A deck of Jane Austen-inspired tarot cards that'll let you peer into the future and also feel like you're living in Pride & Prejudice.

    17. An iridescent stainless steel hip flask, because drinking alcohol from glasses is for sidekicks and supporting characters.

    18. Some LED lights that you can stick onto your mirror to turn it into a Hollywood-worthy dressing room vanity.