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    29 Products For People Who Want To Feel More Like Adults

    It's time to grow up.

    1. A laptop riser brings your computer closer to your eye level, improving your posture.

    2. This wireless security camera connects to your phone, so you can check on your home anytime, anywhere.

    3. Always losing your keys? Install a key rack for a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

    4. Keep a stash of thank you cards ready to send after parties and acts of kindness.

    5. Instead of tacking your photos on the wall, display your pictures with a chic frame.

    6. The same goes with posters. Swap your adhesive tack for a proper frame.

    7. Protect your toothbrush from all sorts of nasties with a clip-on toothbrush protector.

    8. While we're on dental hygiene, invest in an electric toothbrush for a deeper clean and a decreased risk of cavities.

    9. You know what, I'm still stuck on dental hygiene. Up your flossing game with a water flosser.

    10. It's always good to have a first aid kit on hand. This one includes antiseptic wipes, bandages, medical gloves, eye wash, foil blankets, and more.

    11. A toolbox helps save you money through at-home repairs and DIY projects.

    12. Aloe vera hand sanitiser is a must-have for any person who commutes or spends a great deal of time outdoors.

    13. Your mobile can get pretty gross. Keep your phone clean without damaging the screen with this antibacterial spray and microfiber towel.

    14. This sleek wallet protects your credit/debit cards from being read without your consent.

    15. Sitting at an office all day can do serious damage to your back. Prevent lumbar pain with this memory foam pillow.

    16. Save money and sharpen your cooking skills with this Nigella-approved, novice-friendly cookbook.

    17. Stop cleaning your glasses with your shirt, and get a lens cleaning spray.

    18. This magnetic shopping list sticks to your fridge and helps you meal plan.

    19. Does your phone always die at the absolute worst moments? Be prepared with a sleek, portable charger.

    20. This portable steamer keeps your clothes wrinkle free.

    21. If you live in an area with hard water (which you probably do), use a kettle descaler.

    22. If you commute with your laptop, protect it with a waterproof sleeve that's low key really cute.

    23. Use this foam spray to de-mould your bathroom, because the true sign of maturity is a clean shower.

    24. This anti-theft backpack also charges your phone because why not.

    25. Look, we all have smelly feet. Use this natural shoe deodorant as a courtesy to others (and yourself).

    26. This leather repair kit will help you take care of your car seats, sofas, and any other leather surface with wear and tear.

    27. This dry shampoo will help you look put together even when you're so busy you forgot to wash your hair.

    28. If you have a car, you need a car repair kit.

    29. Finally, take control of your finances with the incredibly helpful book, The Financial Diet.