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    28 Magical Things That I Think Adult Disney Fans Should Check Out

    You're never too old for a bit of magic.

    1. If you're interested in learning about the women behind the scenes of Disney's most iconic movies, check out The Queens of Animation, a non-fiction book chronicling the overlooked contributions of female animators.

    2. This Mickey headband will keep your hair out of your face during your skincare routine.

    3. This fun tote bag is perfect for carrying things like the poison, the poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen specially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison, and that poison.

    4. Embrace your bad side with this set of three Disney villain face masks.

    5. Okay, but this poison apple clutch is actually the fairest of them all.

    6. I can't guarantee that there won't be dishonour on your cow if you don't buy this hilarious vinyl sticker.

    7. Keep your lips chap-free with this luxurious Mickey Mouse lip balm.

    8. This Hercules sticker will take your laptop or water bottle from zero to hero.

    9. Disney War: The Battle for the Magic Kingdom by James B. Stewart is the thrilling, true story about the Machiavellian struggle between Disney executives.

    10. This cute tank top inspired by Disneyland is perfect for working out.

    11. This Mary Poppins-inspired ceramic umbrella won't fly, but it will hold all your jewellery.

    12. This Tangled-inspired sticker is a subtle way to flex your fandom.

    13. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and it's recommended to also wear them in public settings where social distancing isn't easy (such as inside shops). This hilarious reusable cloth face mask inspired by The Emperor's New Groove is a fantastic option!

    14. And this Hercules mask is the gospel truth.

    15. This Lilo & Stitch sticker – because ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.

    16. This hand sanitiser, because germs are the true villain.

    17. This set of gorgeous postcards featuring art from Disney's golden age is a must-have. The postcards feature final frames AND concept art, many pieces of which have never been formally published.

    18. These Up-inspired earrings are the ultimate whimsical accessory to wear on your next adventure.

    19. This party planning book will teach you how to throw the ultimate Disney party once it's safe to gather in larger groups (or why not throw one just for the people in your household?). The book includes recipes, crafts, and party ideas.

    20. This Monster's Inc tote is the perfect gift for your boo.

    21. If Megara is your icon, then this travel mug is for you.

    22. You ain't never had a friend like this magic carpet purse.

    23. These Mickey Mouse silhouette earrings are a subtle yet stunning look.

    24. This Mary Poppins umbrella is practically perfect in every way.

    25. This gold-plated Simba necklace might just mean no jewellery-related worries for the rest of your days.

    26. If you've seen the light, then you'll probably want this lantern notebook.

    27. This magic lamp keychain might not grant wishes, but it's still pretty great.

    28. This Disney Villain weekly planner has got you covered from "Mischievous Monday" to "Sinful Sunday."