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    18 Problem-Solving Products That I Think Will Make Every Area Of Your Life At Least 10% Easier

    Why not make things a bit easier?

    1. This wireless transmitter allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones and speakers on non-Bluetooth devices!

    2. This Tweezerman folding comb separates and defines your lashes, breaking up those annoying mascara clumps.

    3. Give new life to old, dull knives with this small knife sharpener that can handle smooth and serrated knives.

    4. These precision-tip cotton buds aren't just amazing for makeup, they're also perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots like the gaps in your keyboard.

    5. Do those pesky LED lights from your chargers and devices keep you from falling asleep? Try these LED dimming stickers, which dull LED lights without blacking them out completely so you can still tell if your device is charging.

    6. These eyeliner stamp pens instantly give you the perfect cat eye – no wonder they have an average rating of 4.3 stars with 14,000 reviews!

    7. These insanely popular wireless earbuds (seriously, they have over 130,000 reviews) are a comfy and affordable alternative to big-name brand ones.

    8. This small massage ball helps to relieve aches and undo muscle knots.

    9. This posture corrector helps you sit and stand up straight. According to the reviews, it's a lifesaver for people who spend all day slouched in front of a computer!

    10. Keep your winter scarves organised with this convenient metal hanger that's a major space-saver for your wardrobe.

    11. This weekly pill organiser has silicone push-through lids, so you don't have to worry about accidentally knocking it over and spilling pills everywhere.

    12. These charcoal and bamboo sheets blot away shine and oil from your T-zone without messing up your makeup!

    13. Free up some wardrobe space with this hanging rack that makes six hangers only take up the space of one hanger.

    14. Does your fitted sheet always pop off of your mattress corners? Try these ingenious sheet braces to keep your sheet corners in place.

    15. This handy little brush helps you clean those hard-to-reach, narrow gaps.

    16. Keep your brown sugar from getting hard and clumpy with this adorable sugar softener.

    17. These soft stoppers replace lost or uncomfortable earring backs.

    18. Protect your privacy with these webcam covers that will easily stick onto any of your devices.