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    19 Practical Products To Get If You Live With Other People

    Including some soundproofing wallpaper.

    1. A magnetic chore chart so you don't have to fight over whose turn it was to do the dishes.

    2. A toothbrush caddy so you can keep your shared bathroom organised.

    3. A hanging shower organiser so there's plenty of space for everybody's shampoo.

    4. Some mounted wall hooks so everyone can hang their bulky winter coats in the hallway.

    5. This 3D stick-on wallpaper acts as soundproofing, so your night owl and early bird flatmates won't bother each other.

    6. This mounted letter rack with key hooks is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to dumping all the post on the kitchen table.

    7. A cute letter board so you can leave sweet notes to your flatmates.

    8. Fridge storage boxes so no one will "accidentally" eat your yoghurt again.

    9. This shoe organiser will prevent you from tripping over your housemates' shoes at night.

    10. A set of coasters so your furniture remains unstained, unburned, and unscratched.

    11. A toilet paper stand that holds up to three rolls so you're never in that situation again.

    12. This vertical surge protector will let everyone charge their devices at the same time.

    13. This cute owl will collect the loose change you find while cleaning your house.

    14. A label maker, so everyone knows that it's your cinnamon Karen.

    15. Put your sponges and scrubbers in this little dish caddy so they can stay clean longer.

    16. A drain protector because if you share a shower, that situation can get real nasty real fast.

    17. If you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher, this handy magnet will make sure you never put a dirty dish in a clean dishwasher again.

    18. If you go to sleep before your flatmates (or you just live in a noisy area), try this Bluetooth headband.

    19. Finally, it's important to set aside some time to bond with the people you live with. Use this Korean face mask pack for a spa night.