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    27 Random But Popular Amazon Products That Got Over 1,000 Reviews

    *Glinda from Wicked voice* It's all about pop-u-lar.

    1. A rolling foot massager that just feels so good after a day on your feet.

    2. A powerful kitchen cleaning spray that cuts through grease and grime like it's NBD.

    3. A pack of 12 Korean sheet masks so you can treat yourself or a friend to an at-home spa day.

    4. A suction cup-backed razor holder that you can stick onto your shower wall.

    5. A stackable cabinet with a sliding basket door that's perfect for storing your cleaning products or spices.

    6. Some reusable, biodegradable sponge cloths that do the job of disposable kitchen roll without creating unnecessary waste.

    7. A two-tier shelf that fits into the corner of your shower – no drilling is required for installation!

    8. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste that's gentle on surfaces but tough on stains. It's also great at removing rust and discolouration!

    9. A water flosser that will take your gum health to the next level. It removes food buildup and plaque way more efficiently than regular floss!

    10. A super popular vitamin C facial serum with over 40,000 reviews that helps even your complexion.

    11. Some cute headbands that will instantly turn any bad hair day around.

    12. A cast-iron griddle that distributes heat evenly across the entire surface. Use it in the oven for baking or on the hob to make perfect pancakes!

    13. Some hooks that hang from the headrests in your car to add a bit of storage to your back seat.

    14. Some sliding webcam covers that you can stick onto your computer, phone, and any other device with a webcam. It's a cheap and effective way to protect your privacy!

    15. A weighted blanket that evenly distributes pressure over your body, helping it relax. Your afternoon naps just got that much better!

    16. A grout pen to make your old tiles look brand new and prevent mould.

    17. A leak-proof pet water bottle to keep your dog hydrated on long walks or in hot weather.

    18. A jewellery cleaning pen that will make your old jewellery shine like new.

    19. This best-selling mascara that creates longer and fuller-looking lashes without clumping.

    20. Some soft stoppers to replace lost or uncomfortable earring backs.

    21. A popular extraction kit that can tackle even the toughest blackheads and spots.

    22. A scalp massager that will give you the best head scratch of your life.

    23. A Danish whisk with an easy-to-clean design that prevents dough from clumping and getting caught between the wires.

    24. Some statement barrettes and hair slides to make any 'do look way fancier than it actually is.

    25. A 52-week guided gratitude journal that uses a combination of inspirational quotes, reflective prompts, and weekly checkpoints to help you develop more positive thinking habits.

    26. Some facial razors to exfoliate away dead cells, remove peach fuzz, and shape your brows.