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    17 Plus-Size Pieces From H&M That Are Perfect For Summer

    Fashion so you can look cool when it gets hot.

    1. This elegant black sundress has modern Audrey Hepburn energy.

    2. These dark yellow linen-blended shorts are comfy but bold.

    3. Embrace the '90s with this floral calf-length skirt.

    4. For a "princess, but casual" look, try this spotted tulle skirt.

    5. This tropical print midi dress is perfect for creating a summer-on-the-beach vibe.

    6. Think pink with this floaty, whimsical skirt that would look perfect paired with a white crop top.

    7. Available in pink and white, this V-neck cotton dress will make you feel like you're on a sandy beach, even if you're just lounging in your back garden.

    8. These black high-waisted shorts are super versatile – you can basically pair them with anything.

    9. Embrace flower power with this pleated floral skirt.

    10. Stay cool in hot weather with this airy blue dress that has a smocked neckline.

    11. This pink crêpe dress is fun, flirty, and super comfortable.

    12. Keep it short and sweet with these floral print high waisted shorts.

    13. The lacing detail on this sage green top keeps it trendy, yet casual.

    14. For a summer look with some subtle grunge energy, look no further than this black dungaree dress.

    15. The puff sleeves and broderie anglaise detailing set this white dress apart from other summer looks.

    16. This puff-sleeved mini dress comes in pink and white, and both are super cute.

    17. This black T-shirt dress proves that summer dresses can still be edgy.