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    17 Plus-Size Winter Coats And Jackets That Are Cute AND Cosy

    'Tis the season (to buy fabulous coats).

    1. Give your winter wardrobe a bit of glam with this faux fur-collared coat that's as cosy as it is luxurious.

    2. This quilted faux leather jacket looks amazing belted or unbelted.

    3. Stand out in this long red coat with a bold check pattern.

    4. This double-breasted teddy coat looks super fashionable but feels like you're wearing your favourite blanket.

    5. This burgundy hooded coat is like a chic version of Little Red Riding Hood.

    6. This puffer jacket has a detachable faux fur trim, so you can style it two different ways!

    7. This tailored pastel coat is somehow both Cher from Clueless *and* Elle from Legally Blonde.

    8. This padded jacket has a hood and fleece-lined pockets, so your head and your hands will stay warm too.

    9. Go wild with this playful leopard print coat that features '70s-style lapels.

    10. This double-breasted pea coat, because you can't go wrong with a classic neutral tone.

    11. This padded jacket is warm but lightweight, so it's perfect for those winter jogs!

    12. This lined parka cinches at the waist so you can bundle up and still feel fashionable.

    13. This oversized faux fur coat is so soft you'll never want to take it off.

    14. This simple belted coat is a wonderful wardrobe staple that looks amazing with any colour of scarf, hat, or gloves.

    15. Instead of bracing for the cold, you'll have to brace yourself for loads of compliments whenever you wear this oversized houndstooth coat.

    16. This rebellious aviator jacket will keep you warm but make you feel cool.

    17. Winter rain is the worst, so this lined raincoat that keeps you warm and dry is an absolute must for your cold weather wardrobe.