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    23 Plus-Size Autumn Dresses That Look Equally Amazing With Or Without Tights

    Autumn fashion is where it's at.

    1. This pastel, colour-block number is an autumn dress that has summer colours.

    2. This black, cowl-neck dress proves that you can be cosy AND elegant.

    3. This long-sleeved mustard dress will help you keep a sunny disposition, even as the summer weather goes away.

    4. Take a walk on the wild side with this tiger-print wrap dress.

    5. Just picture this floral dress with black tights and ankle boots.

    6. This burgundy jumper dress is so chic and comfy that you'll probably end up wearing it eight days a week.

    7. This black mini dress has a relaxed silhouette, creating a look that's both edgy AND laid back.

    8. This playful leopard-print mini dress would look amazing paired with black tights and a denim jacket.

    9. This black mini dress with an electric blue floral pattern is a dynamic look for day or night.

    10. You simply cannot go wrong with a classic LBD (especially when it's got such a great silhouette).

    11. This puff-sleeved mini dress balances its relaxed silhouette with a bold pattern.

    12. Layer this floral midi dress with a chunky cardigan as the weather gets colder.

    13. You'll feel like an '80s career woman in this chic blazer dress.

    14. This smock dress is simultaneously very modern and very '90s, and I'm here for it.

    15. Pop this denim pinafore over basically any top for a cute and casual look.

    16. This black denim shirt dress is an edgy twist on the classic LBD.

    17. This tartan skater dress proves that lumberjack-chic is a valid aesthetic.

    18. This simple-yet-stylish wrap dress would look amazing paired with some statement jewellery.

    19. This floral dress, because you shouldn't have to stop wearing fun prints just because summer's over.

    20. Who says daisies can't be edgy? This black floral dress belongs with a leather jacket and combat boots.

    21. Embrace the power of a subtle ruffle with this short chiffon dress.

    22. This soft jersey dress looks fancy AF but feels as comfortable as pyjamas.

    23. The burgundy shade of this gorgeous chiffon dress is autumnal perfection.