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    20 Pieces Of Jewellery From ASOS That People Might Think Are From Somewhere Super Fancy

    Bling on a budget!

    1. If you like it, then you should have put this faux opal ring with a sunburst design on it.

    2. For a subtle yet stunning look, try this elegant choker.

    3. Slip on this cuff bracelet when you need a quick accessory that can work with both formal and casual outfits.

    4. This star ring has a rugged but charming design.

    5. These teardrop stud earrings have subtle Gatsby energy and I'm here for it.

    6. You'll probably love this lunar ring to the moon and back.

    7. You'll automatically feel 30% fancier whenever you put on these drop earrings with faux pearls.

    8. Ironically, this coin ring doesn't cost very much.

    9. And why not pair that coin ring with this coin pendant necklace?

    10. This rose quartz ring, because "think pink" is a valid philosophy.

    11. This faux pearl choker is elegant and casual at the same time.

    12. This snake ring is ssssimply stunning.

    13. These elegant minimalist earrings will go with literally any outfit.

    14. Brace yourself for all the compliments you'll get whenever you wear this heart pendant necklace.

    15. This leafy bangle is the ultimate accessory for autumn.

    16. These textured earrings are an edgy twist on more traditional heart-shaped ones.

    17. You can totally rock this quartz bracelet.

    18. These pull-through earrings have major star power.

    19. Treat yourself to this this bracelet with a rope-style chain design.

    20. This oversized rose ring looks way more expensive than it is.