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    25 Movies And Performances That People Think Were Totally Snubbed By The Oscars

    Justice for JLo!

    We asked the movie lovers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the films and performances they think were snubbed by the Oscars this year. Here are their nominations for what and who should have been nominated!

    1. Lupita Nyong'o definitely deserved some academy acknowledgment for her performances as BOTH Adelaide and Red in Us.

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    "Lupita Nyong'o was ROBBED. Her performance was so incredible! Nothing can justify her not being nominated. I'm so upset for her."


    "She was snubbed. She played dual starring roles, both of which were entirely different from each other and required completely different skill sets as an actor. I forgot I was watching the same woman at times."


    2. While Jojo Rabbit raked in six Oscar nominations (including Best Picture), Sam Rockwell missed out on Best Supporting Actor and Taika Waititi wasn't nominated for Best Director.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Rachel Luna / Getty Images

    "Sam Rockwell in Jojo Rabbit. His performance was hilarious and heartbreaking. He conveyed more emotion in one facial expression than I thought possible. He made a character with little screen time into a deep and complex part of the film, and he should have been nominated for Supporting Actor."


    "Taika Waititi for Best Director."


    3. Despite getting nearly 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, Dolemite Is My Name didn't get a single nomination.

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    4. Many Marvel fans thought that Avengers: Endgame deserved more than a single nomination for its visual effects.

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    "Best Costumes, Best Original Score, Robert Downey Jr for Best Actor, and Joe and Anthony Russo for Best Director."


    5. While Cynthia Erivo was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Harriet, the film was definitely overlooked in other categories.

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    "Harriet deserves more recognition for directing, makeup/costuming, and adapted screenplay! I am so, so happy Cynthia Erivo is getting her moment, but more people involved in that film deserve nominations."


    6. Although it got a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, Blue Story got zero recognition from the Oscars or any other major awards show.

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    "It’s also been snubbed at many British awards shows. It was both written and directed by Rapman, a black British rapper who comes from the hood. It features predominantly young black British actors (some of whom grew up in gang-affiliated, poor areas), and the message of the film is to put a stop to gang violence."


    7. Tom Hanks, who is genuinely one of the nicest guys on the planet, snagged a nomination for his work in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, but director Marielle Heller got zilch.

    Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

    "It should've AT LEAST gotten Marielle Heller a nomination for directing."


    8. Despite making the short list for Best International Feature Film, Truth and Justice ultimately went unnominated.


    "Brilliant movie, and there really aren't any movies quite like this one. Not to mention the huge cultural importance it has to Estonia, the country in which it was made. It is so much better than many of the movies that were nominated, even in the main categories. A devastating snub."


    9. Booksmart was an incredibly impressive directorial debut from Olivia Wilde that the academy didn't even glance at.

    Annapurna Pictures / Via

    "Booksmart was amazing, but I feel like the older generations don’t want to recognise it."


    "I’m probs alone in this, but Booksmart deserved some kind of recognition — it was such a good film."


    10. A whole lot of people were shocked that Rocketman wasn't nominated for Best Costume Design OR Best Actor.

    Rocket Pictuers / Via

    "Taron Egerton for best actor in Rocketman has to be the worst snub. His performance was astounding. It takes a lot for actors to portray real-life people, and Elton John is just about the most iconic of them all. He sang, wore every ridiculous and large costume they gave him, and filmed one of his scenes while singing underwater. Not to mention he WON the Golden Globe for this role."


    "Rocketman absolutely deserved a nom for Best Costume Design. They re-created some of Elton’s most iconic looks from SCRATCH, and nothing. I’m forever bitter about this."


    11. The Peanut Butter Falcon was the perfect combination of warmth and absurdity, but it got a grand total of zero nominations.

    Bona Fide Productions / Via

    "The Peanut Butter Falcon! It was such a feel-good movie and was so well made. I was really hoping Shia LaBeouf would get a Best Actor nom. The academy always ignores movies that make you feel happy walking out of the theatre."


    12. Honey Boy was another film involving Shia LaBeouf that went completely unacknowledged by the academy.

    Automatik / Via

    "Shia LaBeouf did an amazing acting job and so did Noah Jupe! Shia also wrote the movie about his own childhood and relationship with his dad. He did an incredible job taking his personal experiences and turning them into a beautiful movie."


    "Noah Jupe as Best Actor for Honey Boy. Honey Boy in general."


    13. Adam Sandler's surprisingly dramatic role in Uncut Gems was definitely snubbed by the Oscars.

    Elara Pictures / Via

    "Easily Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. He has been doing so many crappy movies, and when he works his blood and sweat into this one role, he just doesn’t get what he deserves."


    "Adam Sandler (and Uncut Gems in general) was 100% worthy of a nomination, if not a win. His performance was unlike any I’d seen before, and to see him get zero nominations was shocking."


    14. Director and writer Rian Johnson got a Best Original Screenplay nomination for Knives Out, but many felt the film deserved further appreciation.

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    "I'm baffled by Knives Out not getting a Best Picture nom."


    "Literally everyone involved in Knives Out."


    15. You Will Die at 20 didn't make the cut for Best International Feature, despite its striking imagery.


    "It’s aesthetically stunning and so profound. Definitely one of my favourite films of 2019!"


    16. Frozen 2 wasn't nominated for Best Animated Feature, and Disney fans are certainly not going to let it go.

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    "I know this is kind of the least serious of the offences, but HOW did Frozen 2 not get a nomination for Best Animated? A visually stunning, incredibly well-written and scored musical about two sisters reaffirming their bond while discovering their individual inner strength to lead and protect their people? Such a bummer."


    17. None of the actors from Parasite were nominated for their excellent performances.

    CJ Entertainment / Via

    "Song Kang-ho for Best Actor and Lee Jeong-eun or Park So-dam for Best Supporting Actress."


    18. The Last Black Man in San Francisco didn't receive a single nomination, despite its outstanding cinematography and direction by first-time director Joe Talbot.

    Plan B Entertainment / Via

    "The Last Black Man in San Francisco should’ve been nominated for at least screenplay, cinematography, and direction. It is beautifully filmed and the performances are solid. Honestly, I thought it would get some Oscar love."


    19. Little Women earned an impressive six nominations, and yet Greta Gerwig still wasn't nominated for Best Director.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    "I just saw Little Women yesterday, and it was just breathtaking. Every scene was so beautiful, and I had tears in my eyes through half the movie. How can you say it is worthy of nominations for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Costumes, and Best Score, but then decide the director who put all of that together isn't worthy? Blows my mind."




    20. The Farewell definitely deserved a Best Director nomination for Lulu Wang and a Best Actress nomination for Awkwafina.

    Big Beach / Via

    "The Farewell was unnecessarily shut out altogether."


    21. Willem Dafoe didn't get nominated for The Lighthouse, but the film still got an Oscar nomination for its cinematography.

    A24 / Via

    "I was just absolutely sure Willem Dafoe would be nominated for The Lighthouse for Best Supporting Actor. His performance was amazing — he had some very hard monologues and delivered them with perfection."


    22. Midsommar, in addition to being a very awkward date movie for heterosexual couples, was a horror masterpiece and absolutely deserved some nominations.

    A24 / Via

    "Midsommar was the essence of an Oscar-worthy film, particularly in cinematography and costume design. As a horror film, it was absolutely beautiful to look at, which pushed the boundaries of film to something new and exciting, yet horrific in its completely own way."


    "MIDSOMMAR! Incredibly detailed performance by Florence Pugh and incredible feat of directing by Ari Aster."


    23. Hustlers got a whole lot of Oscar buzz, especially for Jennifer Lopez's performance, but it ended up going totally unnominated.

    Gloria Sanchez Productions / Via

    "I’m sorry, but Hustlers was not only one of the most entertaining films out this year but actually addressed some heavy topics rarely touched upon in Hollywood movies. And in my opinion, it was JLo’s best performance yet, and it angers me she didn’t get a nomination. What a win for diversity that would have been!"


    "Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers. The fact that she wasn’t nominated, for some reason, really bothers me. She at least deserves the nomination, if not the award, for her acting performance."


    24. While 1917 did rather well (10 nominations, including Best Picture), none of the actors were nominated for their performances.

    Neal Street Productions / Via

    "I may be a minority, but I think George MacKay should have been nominated for 1917...just wow."


    "George MacKay for 1917. Although he didn’t have a lot of dialogue due to the nature of the film, his facial expressions, the way he was able to react so well without using words, was truly amazing and only adds to his incredible acting."


    25. While audiences loved Queen & Slim, the academy did not.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "Both Queen & Slim and Midsommar should've been nominated. The execution of both films was stellar, and they both managed to balance style and emotional impact so well. It's a shame they didn't get more recognition on the awards circuit."


    "Queen & Slim was such an amazing film, and my heart was in my mouth for the entire film! Such a pity it wasn’t nominated for anything."


    Here's to all the movies and performances that should have been nominated but weren't.

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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