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    21 Nerdy Things That Just Might Help You Pass The Time

    Crafts, puzzles, games, and more!

    1. This Harry Potter crochet book has all the materials you need to make a crocheted Harry Potter and Dobby, as well as instructions on how to make several other characters. As a special treat, the included crochet hook is shaped like a wand!

    2. Whether you want to make Bran Muffins, a Brienne of Tart, or a Red (Velvet) Weddng Cake, Game of Scones has the recipe for you.

    3. You can learn how to design your own anime characters with this step-by-step drawing book.

    4. And if you've always wanted to get into adult colouring, why not use these Gilmore Girls-inspired?

    5. Or, if you're more of a Monica than a Rory, try these Friends-inspired coloured pencils with shades like "Rachel Green" and "Central Pink."

    6. You can start your journaling hobby with this plush Totoro journal.

    7. Can you complete this Millenium Falcon jigsaw puzzle in less than 12 parsecs?

    8. This fun origami book will teach you how to fold chocolate frogs, howlers, and more!

    9. Start your plant mom career with this adorable Totoro planter.

    10. Where's the Wookie? is a challenging-but-fun search activity book. Compete with your housemates to see who can spot Chewie the fastest!

    11. If you're using your free time to practise your makeup skills, why not use these magical makeup brushes?

    12. If you're a Disneyhead, you'll love this adult Disney colouring book full of images from their classic movies.

    13. This fast-paced Rick & Morty card game is a quick and easy way to have fun with your housemates.

    14. Learn how to make first AND second breakfast with this delicious cookbook inspired by The Hobbit.

    15. This Jedi-approved crochet kit comes with everything you need to make your own crocheted BB-8 and a crocheted Jawa. It also contains step-by-step instructions that will show you how to crochet ten other Star Wars characters including Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren!

    16. This little Groot planter might not guard the galaxy, but he'll guard your plant.

    17. Whether you want to play card games or learn some tricks, there's no deck more magical than these Harry Potter-inspired playing cards.

    18. Feel like the babe with the power when you win this nostalgic Labyrinth-inspired board game full of your favourite characters and moments.

    19. Whether you want to learn how to knit your house scarf or a Weasley sweater, this Harry Potter knitting book is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and projects for every skill level, this book is perfect for beginner and expert knitters alike.

    20. This Star Wars origami kit requires the patience and focus of a Jedi.

    21. Pass the time with this nostalgic Friends activity book full of word jumbles, crosswords, and trivia!