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    13 Must-Have Products For Runners In The Winter

    Running in the cold is a whole other game.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This cosy beanie has Bluetooth, so it keeps you warm while playing your running playlist.

    Amazon / Via

    This double-knitted beanie syncs to your smartphone, and the leather tag allows you to pause and skip songs, answer calls, and adjust the volume. When fully charged, it can play music for 3.5 hours. It's also super soft.

    Price: £11.99

    2. These light-up armbands will keep you highly visible as the days get shorter.

    Amazon / Via

    It's getting dark earlier and earlier (ugh), so your morning and/or evening jogs are a bit more dangerous than they would be in the summer. Remember to put safety first by wearing light-up armbands (like these), bright colours, and reflective strips. These armbands will stay lit for up to 80 hours; when they dim, just replace the batteries.

    Price: £8.99 for four bands.

    3. Prevent your hands from going numb and stiff by tucking these eight-hour hand warmers into your gloves.

    Amazon / Via

    Hands get cold and stiff so quickly during a winter run. Gloves certainly help, but in order for your hands to stay truly relaxed, you need disposable hand warmers (like these). Each order comes with 20 hand warmers and each hand warmer will stay hot for up to eight hours.

    Price: £12.90 for 20 hand warmers.

    4. These resistance bands will help you get a proper warm-up.

    Amazon / Via

    The cold makes it harder to elevate your core temperature, so you need to spend more time warming up in the winter. Using resistance bands before your main workout helps improve your performance and decrease your risk of injury. Each order comes with five bands of varying resistance; start with the most flexible band and work your way up!

    Price: £5.99 for a set of five resistance bands.

    5. This handy little pouch attaches to the waistband of your leggings. It can hold your keys, your phone, your cards, and more!

    Amazon / Via

    Figuring out where to put your essentials while you run is difficult; you need a pocket that closes (so your debit card doesn't fall out) and located in a place that doesn't hinder your movement. This magnetic pouch does both. It's also made with water-resistant material that won't chafe your skin.

    Price: £22.50

    6. This lip conditioner will keep your lips unchapped and moisturised all day long.

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    Long exposure to cold air can chap and even crack your lips. Ouch! In addition to using lip balm during the day, use this lip conditioner overnight for maximum protection. Made with all-natural ingredients, it helps repair damage and creates a moisture barrier to protect your lips.

    Price: £4.89

    7. This running belt carries your water bottle without hindering your workout.

    Amazon / Via

    Hydration, hydration, hydration. Even though you sweat less in the winter, you still need to drink water when you run, but carrying a water bottle can be cumbersome and awkward. That's why this adjustable belt is so helpful! It can hold most water bottle sizes, and the 45-degree slant of the pocket prevents your water bottle from bouncing around while you run.

    Price: £11.47

    8. This protective cream, to prevent dry and cracked hands.

    Amazon / Via

    Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your hands. In addition to moisturising your hands, this cream creates a protective barrier that actually prevents moisture from escaping your skin. It's super effective, so you only need to put on a little bit each day. Stay moisturised, my friends!

    Price: £6.60

    9. Use this spray to waterproof your shoes and keep your socks and feet dry.

    Amazon / Via

    Cold rain and snow can freeze your feet and make running a painful nightmare, so waterproofing your shoes is a must in the winter. Plus, they make your expensive trainers last longer and protect them from water damage. You can also use this spray to waterproof your purses and other shoes.

    Price: £16.38

    10. Likewise, use this waterproof armband to protect your phone from the winter elements.

    Amazon / Via

    This touch-friendly phone armband lets you listen to music in any weather without fear of damaging your phone. It's also sweat-proof, so it's sure to not move around and chafe your arm. There's the main phone pocket (lined with reflective material), and a little back pocket for your smaller essentials (like keys). Reviewers love how light the armband is!

    Price: £6.99

    11. These anti-blister running socks support your arch and wick moisture away from your feet so you stay dry and warm.


    Price: £15.95

    12. This extra-strength sunscreen will protect your skin for up to ten hours.

    Amazon / Via

    Yes, you need to wear sunscreen even in the winter. This 50 SPF sunscreen is highly water-resistant so it will stay in place, protecting your face, even as you get sweaty. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can pull off a winter sunburn, so lather up!

    Price: £9.55

    13. Finally, this muscle roller stick, when used before and after runs, will help ease and prevent cramps.

    Amazon / Via

    According to runners, these roller sticks are unreal. The rolling motion helps release tension and improve blood circulation, providing almost instant relief for sore legs. They're especially useful for people who have tight hamstrings.

    Price: £13.99