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    13 Must-Have Products For Runners In The Winter

    Running in the cold is a whole other game.

    1. This cosy beanie has Bluetooth, so it keeps you warm while playing your running playlist.

    2. These light-up armbands will keep you highly visible as the days get shorter.

    3. Prevent your hands from going numb and stiff by tucking these eight-hour hand warmers into your gloves.

    4. These resistance bands will help you get a proper warm-up.

    5. This handy little pouch attaches to the waistband of your leggings. It can hold your keys, your phone, your cards, and more!

    6. This lip conditioner will keep your lips unchapped and moisturised all day long.

    7. This running belt carries your water bottle without hindering your workout.

    8. This protective cream, to prevent dry and cracked hands.

    9. Use this spray to waterproof your shoes and keep your socks and feet dry.

    10. Likewise, use this waterproof armband to protect your phone from the winter elements.

    11. These anti-blister running socks support your arch and wick moisture away from your feet so you stay dry and warm.

    12. This extra-strength sunscreen will protect your skin for up to ten hours.

    13. Finally, this muscle roller stick, when used before and after runs, will help ease and prevent cramps.