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    Just 27 Products That Are Mini But Also Magnificent

    The best things come in small packages!

    1. Some clear pimple patches that will help bring your spots to a head overnight.

    2. A chic and minimalist feather pendant necklace that you can wear with basically any outfit.

    3. A magnetic dishwasher sign, so you'll never have to to wonder if those dishes are dirty or clean again.

    4. A styling cream that instantly adds volume and texture to fine hair.

    5. This adorable little fox that will cover your toothbrush and help it stay clean.

    6. A travel-sized, faux-leather jewellery box that will keep your accessories neat and organised.

    7. An anti-spill coaster that means you'll never have to worry about accidentally knocking over your cup of tea again.

    8. A metallic feather bookmark that's just so aesthetically pleasing.

    9. An adorable elephant that acts as a pencil organiser and a phone stand.

    10. This pack of ten kitchen-themed magnets where each one is cuter than the last.

    11. Or some cactus magnets that are sure to please any proud plant parent.

    12. Some Command hanging strips, so you can create a gallery wall without causing any damages that threaten your security deposit.

    13. A roll-on stick that helps to relieve headaches by relaxing the muscles in your forehead.

    14. A soap saver that helps your soap bar dry faster and prevents it from getting slimy at the bottom.

    15. A reusable screen cleaner with a microfibre side that removes tough smudges and a terry cloth side that removes dust. Neither side leaves streaks!

    16. A razor holder you can stick onto your shower wall, so your razor won't fall to the bottom of your shower and get all gross or rusty.

    17. A pair of blind spot mirrors that you can stick onto your rear-view mirrors to make changing lanes and parking less of a nightmare.

    18. A magnetic key holder that's so pretty, it will make you feel like you're on cloud nine. Leave it right by your door so you never forget your keys again!

    19. Some adorable chair socks to prevent your furniture from loudly scratching up your floors.

    20. A dual-ended eyeliner stamp that gives you an instant symmetrical cat-eye.

    21. Some insanely popular silicone brushes (seriously, they have over 47,000 reviews) that'll let you apply an even layer of face masks or other skincare products.

    22. A satisfying grout pen that will make your bathroom tiles look brand new! The pen has antibacterial properties that help prevent mould!

    23. Some cable bites that prevent your chargers from fraying and becoming useless mere weeks after you buy them.

    24. A genius keychain that you can use to open doors without directly touching them. It also works on touchscreens!

    25. A versatile set of faux pearl hair clips that will make your lazy ponytail look like a sophisticated updo.

    26. A Baby Yoda stress ball that will help you relieve some anxiety and bring balance to The Force.

    27. A pair of quirky astronaut earrings that are truly out of this world.