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    31 Luxurious Buys That Are Somehow £10 Or Less

    Because, like Sharpay, you want fabulous [on a budget].

    1. This gorgeous jewellery tray will be the best £1.58 you have ever spent (that's right, it's less than £2).

    2. This jade roller feels soo good on your face AND it helps to relieve puffiness.

    3. Reviewers love how this rosy lip gloss lasts the entire day.

    4. A colourful watch, because nothing is more valuable than your time.

    5. Get that summer glow no matter what time of year it is with this insanely popular self-tanning mouse that doesn't leave streaks. With over 3,207 reviews, you know it works!

    6. For an understated yet elegant look, you can't go wrong with these pearl earrings that are the definition of classy.

    7. This clay mask is infused with marine algae extract, which means it's perfect for people with oily skin.

    8. This vanilla and coconut candle will fill your home with a heavenly scent.

    9. If you love taking baths, this bath bomb will be the cherry on top.

    10. You can learn calligraphy, the most luxurious form of writing, with this beginner-friendly calligraphy book!

    11. This jaw clamp hair clip keeps your hair out of your face and looks great doing it.

    12. This clip-on ring light will make every selfie Instagram-worthy.

    13. This versatile feather clip, so you can instantly look *fly*.

    14. This metallic accessory tray will steal your heart.

    15. Fall asleep easier with this pillow spray that uses relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile to help soothe you to sleep.

    16. These pearl hair clips are a great way to look elegant without putting in any effort.

    17. This hydrating serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

    18. You can personalise this blue marble-patterned notebook for yourself or as a gift for a friend!

    19. These shimmery anklet socks can make trainers look elegant.

    20. These dramatic earrings can take any outfit to the next level.

    21. This facial peeling gel with over 1,000 reviews removes dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from your face, leaving your skin clear and even.

    22. A satin pillowcase isn't just pretty, it's really good for your skin and hair too!

    23. Why have a regular hairbrush when you could have a rose gold detangler that gets rid of knots without breaking your hair?

    24. You've heard of hot chocolate. Now, get ready for salted caramel hot chocolate (which is infinitely better).

    25. Some collagen under-eye masks that make it look like you use liquid gold as part of your skincare routine.

    26. These lightweight statement earrings are basically wearable art.

    27. A bold red lipstick always looks expensive.

    28. Repair dry and damaged hair with this avocado oil hair mask that's infused with green tea.

    29. Marble patterned coasters, because you should protect your countertops in luxury.

    30. Feel like a goddess with this gold leaf headband.

    31. This black and white handmade soap will check every box on your list. It's made with a combination of coconut oil and charcoal, so it exfoliates AND moisturises your skin.