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    29 Low-Effort Halloween Costumes If You're Feeling Spooky But Lazy

    Halloweekend will soon be upon us.

    1. You can totally wear this Wednesday Addams-esque peter-pan collar dress after Halloween.

    2. Midsommar was the horror movie of the year. To dress up as the film's tragic protagonist, Dani, just wear a floral crown with a white dress.

    3. These adhesive vampire fangs can make any outfit a Halloween costume.

    4. Jughead from Riverdale is the perfect costume if you don't fit in and you don't want to fit in. All you need is this regal beanie and an affinity for Pop's milkshakes.

    5. This cat-eared hoodie is anything but bad luck.

    6. To get Damian "She Doesn't Even Go Here" Leigh's most iconic look, you need an oversized blue hoodie and a pair of sunglasses.

    7. This Villanelle-esq coat is to die for. Add a bit of fake blood, and your killer Halloween costume is complete.

    8. You don't even need a costume if you have these temporary tattoos of injuries.

    9. Pin a scarlet A onto this black corset for a scandalous Olive Pendergast costume.

    10. This bloody choker is spooky AF and an ideal gory accessory for your costume.

    11. Pair this bobbed black wig with a white blouse and black leggings, and voila! You're Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction.

    12. A sparkling tiara has to be the most versatile Halloween accessory.

    13. A plague mask, because look at this — it's terrifying!

    14. This cigarette holder, necklace, and gloves set are the perfect accessories for a Holly Golightly costume.

    15. For a Where's Wally? costume, just wear this striped shirt paired with a red hat and black glasses.

    16. This curly red wig paired with a gold necklace and all black outfit is all you need to go as Nadia from Russian Doll.

    17. Cat ears are a classic and I will not apologize for them.

    18. This golden laurel headband with a white or draped dress is perfect if you want to go as a Greek goddess.

    19. If it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, wear this retro T-shirt for an easy Ross costume.

    20. If you're a social butterfly, pair these beautiful wings with an all-black outfit and flit from admirer to admirer.

    21. If you want to go as Clementine from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, all you need is this orange hoodie (and maybe some wash-away blue hair dye).

    22. For an under-the-sea Halloween look, try this mermaid scale skirt paired with a purple crop top.

    23. Wear this Superman T-shirt under a white button-down for a clever and comfortable Halloween look.

    24. Try this Wonder Woman top for a Halloween look that is simultaneously laid back and hella powerful.

    25. These tattoo sleeves and green top will give you an outfit edgy enough to get you into the most exclusive (and bizarre) establishments.

    26. If you love Studio Ghibli (and prefer to stay cosy on Halloween), this Totoro pullover is for you.

    27. This white tutu skirt will let you recreate Carrie Bradshaw's most iconic look.

    28. Olivia Pope is a surprisingly easy costume to do: just grab a cute white duster and a glass of red wine.

    29. VSCO girls were the trend of 2019 and thankfully, they're the easiest costume to do. All you need is a puka shell necklace, some velvet scrunchies, and a Hydroflask.

    30. Finally, you can do the Charleston in this elegant flapper dress any night of the year.