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    21 Products That Prove Looks Can Be Deceiving

    Some things are not what they seem...

    1. Send yourself a surprise with this mystery box. It contains four unknown homeware items that have a total value of £45!

    2. These reusable cupcake moulds look just like plant pots.

    3. This nondescript clothes peg is secretly an adorable reading light.

    4. This fun bath bomb contains a hidden piece of jewellery, ranging in value from £10 to £2,000. It's like a relaxing, soapy lottery ticket!

    5. This hollow Coca-Cola can is the perfect size for stashing your spare keys.

    6. Keep your feet stylish with these socks that look like trainers.

    7. These clear lipsticks change colour depending on your body temperature, like a mood ring!

    8. I can't beleaf how fun these little sticky notes are.

    9. This functional hairbrush has a hollow centre designed to hide spare cash.

    10. This toast and jam may look good enough to eat, but they're actually a quirky body wash and sponge set.

    11. This biscuit bookmark, because reading is a real treat.

    12. This Harry Potter-inspired mug will transform into the Marauders' Map after you solemnly swear that you're up to no good (and fill it with a hot beverage).

    13. This little basket of fried chicken is actually an adorable set of erasers.

    14. At first, this set of pens won't seem to work – and that's because they're invisible ink pens!

    15. This inconspicuous book is actually the perfect hiding spot for your valuables.

    16. This glittery nail polish changes shades depending on the temperature.

    17. The delicious chocolate shells of these hot chocolate bombes dissolve into hot milk and release yummy marshmallows.

    18. This little baby shark (doo-doo) is an extremely helpful multipurpose tool that acts as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and more.

    19. Smash this chocolate cup to reveal even more chocolate treats inside. It's the perfect birthday gift for sweet tooths!

    20. This leather cuff unclasps to reveal a charging cable.

    21. These Nintendo cartridges are actually just some geek-chic coasters. Show your love of gaming while protecting your surfaces!