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    31 Little Luxuries You Deserve To Treat Yourself To In Lockdown

    Some little gifts to give to yourself during this very stressful time.

    1. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with this NIP+FAB bubble sheet mask that lifts away impurities. Not bad for under £4!

    2. This ice cream maker, because eating homemade ice cream in the winter is somehow more luxurious than eating ice cream in the summer. You can also use the machine to make frozen yogurt and sorbet!

    3. Say goodbye to all of that tension in your neck and back with this powerful massage pillow. It's like having a personal massage therapist but without the weird flute music!

    4. Give yourself a bit of the royal treatment with this very popular Vera Wang Princess Perfume.

    5. You can use this Jane Austen deck as regular playing cards or for tarot readings!

    6. This sleek watch that will help you count down the time (because it seems to be going pretty slowly lately).

    7. This vanilla and coconut candle will make your bedroom smell so amazing, you won't even mind spending most of your time there.

    8. This cloud bath bomb means you can literally bathe in a rainbow, like a goddess.

    9. This Korean sheet mask pack will provide some deep hydration for your skin.

    10. This comfy bath pillow will let you linger in the bathtub for as long as you like without hurting your neck.

    11. Take some time to unwind and unleash your creative side with this set of three adult colouring books that you can share with your housemates (or just keep them for yourself).

    12. Keep your feet pampered and cosy with these super soft slippers that have an anti-skid rubber sole so you can wear them outside.

    13. You can learn calligraphy, AKA the most luxurious form of writing, with this beginner-friendly calligraphy book!

    14. Make the most of the winter sun with these hanging prisms that will scatter rainbows all around your bedroom.

    15. This shampoo brush prevents dandruff buildup and gives you an amazing scalp massage that makes any hot shower feel like a decadent spa treatment.

    16. These fine-point pens are perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, or just doodling.

    17. Have some fun with these temporary floral tattoos – you might like the way they look so much that you'll decide to get a real tattoo after lockdown!

    18. Between the cold weather and constant hand washing, your hands are probably pretty chapped right now. Use this lavender and honey hand cream from Burt's Bees to heal your hands and prevent further damage!

    19. While we can't sit back in restaurants just yet, you can learn to make restaurant food with the Dishoom cookbook.

    20. This bewitching mug will make your morning cup of tea taste even more magical.

    21. These little macaron boxes are an adorable way to organise your jewellery.

    22. This fun prosecco-flavoured lip balm tastes amazing AND soothes chapped lips.

    23. A pair of satin pillowcases that will prevent bed head and broken hairs since they reduce friction between your hair and the pillow.

    24. These simple yet stunning stud earrings might just steal your heart.

    25. If cold weather dries out your skin, try this soothing vegan moisturiser that's infused with frankincense.

    26. If you're planning on baking your way through lockdown, try these colourful reusable baking cups that are incredibly easy to clean!

    27. This popular eyelash serum gives you longer lashes in eight weeks.

    28. There's no faster way to look (and feel) expensive than by putting on this bold red lipstick, even if you're just wearing it around the house.

    29. This L'Oreal face mask contains blue algae that helps unblock your pores and heal spots.

    30. Give your home a plant-tastic mini-makeover with these succulent candles.

    31. Stay cosy in this oversized white cardigan that will make you feel like you're living in Taylor Swift's Folklore album.