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    36 Little Things Under £6 That Are Pretty But Not Pricey

    Cute and cheap!

    1. These asymmetrical astronaut earrings are truly out of this world.

    2. Add a bit of magic to your bath with this shimmery bubble bath.

    3. These 3D butterfly stickers will decorate your walls without damaging them.

    4. These knot headbands are the perfect hair accessories for autumn.

    5. These pastel erasers are just like regular erasers, but prettier.

    6. These wave-shaped sticky notes make me sea why people love organising.

    7. I scream, you scream, we all scream for these fun socks that are designed to look like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

    8. Doodle and shade away your stress with this adult colouring book that people *swear* by.

    9. These Cath Kidston hand creams will keep your hands soft and smooth as the weather gets colder.

    10. This novelty bookmark looks more like a biscuit than most real biscuits.

    11. This colourful toucan mug will somehow make drinking tea an even more wonderful experience.

    12. Instantly make any hairdo look chic and elegant with these metallic slides.

    13. These quirky bubble tea earrings are a fun way to celebrate the world's greatest beverage.

    14. Give your lips the luxury they deserve with this prosecco-flavoured lip balm.

    15. These abstract earrings look way more expensive than they actually are.

    16. Enjoy multicoloured luxury with these raspberry-scented "Unicorn Poo" bath bombs.

    17. This glamorous notebook has a sticker sheet, which raises an important question: why doesn't every notebook come with a sticker sheet?

    18. This cheeky soap is rose scented AND has flecks of glitter.

    19. These bandana headbands somehow have both vintage and edgy vibes.

    20. These bath tartlettes are full of moisturising shea and cocoa butters.

    21. These versatile jacket earrings can be styled in three different ways.

    22. This fun kit has everything you need to grow your own sunflowers.

    23. These pastel highlighters are so aesthetically pleasing, you'll actually look forward to studying.

    24. This gorgeous cupcake soap looks good enough to eat – but please don't, because it's soap.

    25. These tiny elephant candles are almost too cute.

    26. Learn calligraphy and hand lettering with this easy-to-follow book.

    27. Why treat yourself to one sticky note pack when you could treat yourself to 16 sticky note packs for less than £5?

    28. These faux pearl barrettes are a quick way to feel more glam.

    29. This highly amusing Star Wars decal is fun for fans of every age.

    30. Or, if you prefer Aurors to Jedi, this Harry Potter-inspired decal might be for you.

    31. Prevent your lips from chapping this autumn with this fun G&T flavoured lip balm.

    32. This soft, cheetah-print scrunchie has a hidden pocket for keys, cash, or anything else you need to stash.

    33. Colour in cities from around the world with this adult colouring book.

    34. I can't beleaf how realistic these leaf sticky notes look.

    35. These cat pens are the purrfect writing accessory.

    36. These succulent enamel pins will please any plant mum.