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    21 Little Things That Will Transform Your Bedroom

    Little things can have a big impact!

    1. An extremely convenient bamboo shelf that clips onto the side of your bed, so you can have a place to rest your mug, book, or phone.

    2. A neon sign to light up your room and create a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

    3. Some artificial succulents to give your room that popular plant aesthetic without any of the commitment of real houseplants.

    4. A rope storage basket for your throw blankets, crafting supplies, or knick-knacks.

    5. A Yankee candle that will make your room smell like a vanilla cupcake, because why wouldn't you want your room to smell like a vanilla cupcake?

    6. Some metallic butterfly wall stickers that look like they're about to flutter away.

    7. A leggy terracotta planter that will make your plant look like it's giving some major side-eye.

    8. Some colour-changing LED strips to backlight your devices and reduce eyestrain.

    9. Some easy-to-install hanging shelves that will instantly give your entire room a rustic vibe.

    10. An elegant lunar garland to quickly make your blank wall go from "meh" to "magnificent."

    11. A mounted phone holder, so you don't have to leave your phone on the floor when you charge it. The holder is stick-on, but it won't leave any residue behind on your wall if you decide to remove it.

    12. Some hanging vases to give your bedroom a low-maintenance botanical vibe.

    13. A fun print that doubles as a guide on how to take care of your houseplants.

    14. A woven macramé wall hanging to add some texture to your walls and make your entire bedroom feel bohemian and cosy.

    15. A soft cotton throw blanket to add a pop of colour to your bedroom and also keep you warm for the rest of the winter.

    16. A crescent moon shelf to give your room a celestial vibe and some storage space.

    17. A purrfect cat planter that will give your succulent the home it deserves.

    18. Some multicoloured string lights with photo clips so you can display your favourite memories in style.

    19. A pillow that looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a tree stump.

    20. A set of minimalist mountain ornaments that would look stunning on your bookshelf or desk.

    21. A tea light candle holder made from Himalayan salt to give your room a warm glow.