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    28 Little Gifts That Might Make Your BFF Smile During Lockdown

    Just some things to let your bestie know that you're thinking about them.

    1. Some temporary tattoo markers so they can experiment with ink without committing to a design. The markers come with two stencils or they can freehand their own designs!

    2. Some bath fizzers that look like doughnuts and are made with vegan-friendly ingredients! Each "doughnut" contains moisturising shea butter and a soothing essential oil.

    3. A square foot of land in Scotland that will literally make your BFF a laird or a lady! In addition to their new title and a square foot of Scotland, they'll receive a land ownership certificate, a Proof of Title card, and a free tour for two of Dunans Castle in Glendarue (once it's safe to visit, of course). All proceeds go towards the restoration of the castle and the grounds.

    4. Some puppy socks that are so pawpular (I'm sorry) they have an average rating of 4.7 stars and over 5,000 reviews. Plus, socks are the best gift one adult can give to another!

    5. An engraved bangle that will remind your BFF that you two are best b*tches for life.

    6. A hilarious "cereal killer" spoon that will delight true crime fans and cereal enthusiasts alike.

    7. A pocket-sized gadget that can open doors, interact with touchscreens, and push buttons so that they won't have to touch surfaces with their hand.

    8. An elegant infinity necklace to remind your BFF that your friendship is truly forever.

    9. A box of gorgeous flowers and scented herbs that will remind them that life can still be *rosy*.

    10. A matching pair of bestie mugs, so you two can think of each other every time you have a cup of tea.

    11. An insanely comfortable blanket hoodie that they can wear when you Netflix Party Bridgerton.

    12. This ribbon bookmark that you can personalise with a charm that's engraved with their name or initials! The available charm shapes are moon, heart, and star.

    13. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that means they don't have to sing acapella in the shower anymore. It has six hours of playtime!

    14. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes that will relieve tension and aches. Its adjustable strap means they can attach it to any chair, including the front seats of their car!

    15. These charming astronaut earrings, to remind them that they're out of this world!

    16. A collection of six soothing bath minerals that will give them the at-home spa day that they deserve. The minerals are held in a sachet that's kind of like a tea bag, so they infuse the bathwater without staining the bath or clogging the drain.

    17. A cat T-shirt that they can wear on their lazy days.

    18. A bracelet with their initial and birthstone that would make such a thoughtful birthday gift.

    19. A pair of fuzzy AF slippers that will make them feel like they're walking on two clouds whenever they wear them.

    20. A necklace of their star sign that will delight any friend who's mildly obsessed with astrology.

    21. A pack of eight sheet masks that's made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and honey so they can indulge in a mini spa-day whenever they want.

    22. A scented candle that smells like fir and cedar, because being stuck at home isn't so bad when their home smells amazing. It has up to 35 hours of burn time!

    23. A pack of 50 stickers from The Office that they can use to decorate their laptop and water bottle.

    24. An asymmetrical necklace that you can personalise with their initial. The minimalist design means that they can wear it with practically any outfit!

    25. A shimmery nail polish that will give your BFF a manicure worthy of a mermaid.

    26. A customisable apothecary candle that you can personalise with their name and a special message. You also get to choose from over ten different scents!

    27. A complete set of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy for any true romantic who loves to snuggle up with a good book.

    28. Some little cactus magnets that will delight any plant enthusiast.