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    27 Life-Changing Products That You'll Probably Wish You Bought Back In 2020

    Including a weighted blanket, a blackhead extraction kit, and a candle that smells like cinnamon!

    1. A satisfying AF blackhead extraction kit that comes with six tools that help you manage acne and sebum buildup. Trying to squeeze blackheads with your fingers can irritate your pores and actually make your blemish worse – using these tools is a way more sanitary and effective alternative.

    2. A weighted blanket that evenly distributes pressure over your body, helping you relax and fall asleep. Start off 2021 with a good night's rest!

    3. A set of gorgeous watercolour brush pens that's perfect for art beginners and experts alike. If one of your resolutions for 2021 was to start a new hobby or explore your creative side, then these pens are a great place to start.

    4. A giant blanket sweatshirt that's the perfect combination of cosiness and laziness – and it has pockets! Wear it during your next Netflix binge.

    5. Some pimple patches that heal your spots overnight, because you deserve an easier, more effective skincare regimen in 2021. The patches create a protective barrier over your pimple, which prevents further contamination and creates a moist environment that helps bring your spot to head.

    6. A Mulberry silk pillowcase that will make bedhead a thing of the past. Thanks to its ultra-smooth texture, this pillowcase won't frizz up your hair during the night!

    7. Some facial razors that scrape away peach fuzz AND dead skin, leaving your face look smooth and even.

    8. A vibrator that, according to the reviews, is super quiet so you can use it without worrying about your housemates overhearing your *me time*. It has 20 different vibration patterns and eight speeds, so you're basically guaranteed to have some good vibes in 2021.

    9. A collapsible, eco-friendly menstrual cup so you can leave disposable pads and tampons back in 2020, where they belong. Although it looks small, this cup can handle your heaviest flow for up to 12 hours!

    10. A fabric shaver that will take all your jumpers, throw pillows, and furniture from rags to riches. It shaves away bobbles and fuzz without damaging the fabric.

    11. An eyeliner stamp that will give you the perfect wing in literal seconds. With one purchase, your makeup skills are about to go from a seven to a ten!

    12. A microfibre hair towel that dries quicker than other towels without frizzing up your hair.

    13. A teeny tiny silicone spatula that will make sure you use every last drop of your expensive foundations, lotions, and serums.

    14. A personalised camper van mug for you or that person in your life who loves the great outdoors.

    15. A beginner-friendly cross-stitch kit that will keep you entertained during lockdown and perhaps introduce you to a new hobby. When you're done, you can frame your embroidered masterpiece and hang it up!

    16. Some fairy lights to make your room feel bright and cosy – these have over 30 clips so you can also use them to display your favourite photos!

    17. A time-marked water bottle that motivates you to stay hydrated is perfect if you're the kind of person who always forgets to drink water.

    18. A popular hand blender that you can use to make delicious soups, smoothies, dips, and more! The blender is powerful but compact, so it will easily fit into a cupboard after you've whipped up a tasty smoothie.

    19. A skipping rope that's perfect for at-home cardio workouts. You can use this lightweight rope at home or you can bring it to the park for some outdoor exercise!

    20. A Yankee candle that smells like cinnamon, because why wouldn't you want your home to smell like cinnamon? This jar candle has a whopping 150 hours of burn time.

    21. An earwax removal syringe that's both safer and more effective than regular cotton buds that just push wax deeper into your ear canal. You're probably going to be slightly horrified by the sheer amount of wax that this syringe rinses out!

    22. A low-commitment mindfulness journal that only takes five minutes each morning to complete. This guided journal is filled with prompts and exercises to help you focus your mind and help you realise your goals.

    23. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes, so you'll basically have an at-home massage therapist to help relieve some of the tension and stress you've been carrying around.

    24. Some snail-shaped tea clips that means you'll no longer have to fish around for your fallen teabag string.

    25. A pair of ear hooks for your AirPods that contour to your ears, keeping your earphones in place. Finally, you can go for a jog without worrying about losing your expensive headphones!

    26. Some insanely popular wireless earbuds (seriously, they have over 130,000 reviews) that are a comfy and affordable alternative to big-name brand ones.

    27. A L'Oreal clay mask that's made with charcoal to draw out impurities from your pores and gently clean your skin.