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    21 Thoughtful Gifts That Easily Fit Through A Letterbox

    The best things come in small packages!

    1. Brighten up your friend's day (or just add some colour to your own) with these vibrant flowers .

    2. This little cookbook is packed with 30 different microwaveable mug cake recipes!

    3. This soothing care package contains handmade chocolate, organic tea, candles made from plants, handmade soap, and a moisturising lip butter.

    4. Missing your significant other? Send them a teeny bouquet of paper roses in a decorated matchbox to let them know you're thinking of them.

    5. These strawberry and prosecco bath bombs are perfect if you're looking for a luxurious gift with a budget-friendly price tag.

    6. You can personalise this adult colouring book with their name.

    7. This gift set for tea lovers contains assorted tea bags, a puzzle book, a personalised note, biscuits, and a chocolate bar.

    8. You probably know parents who are homeschooling their children, so send them this strong but delicious coffee, AKA "Homeschool Fuel".

    9. You can personalise this Easter tin with the recipient's name, and you can fill it with chocolate Easter eggs for an extra £4.

    10. This delicious letterbox-friendly snack box is full of yummy vegan treats.

    11. Chocolate is basically the best thing in the world, so this luxury chocolate hamper must be the best gift in the world. It contains five different types of chocolate, including decadent hot chocolate flakes and a golden milk chocolate bar filled with gooey salted caramel.

    12. Send your favourite gin lover this gin gift set containing G&T scented lip balm, G&T flavoured dark chocolate, and, of course, a bottle of gin.

    13. This cheese and biscuit hamper is a gift as thoughtful as it is delicious.

    14. This self-care hamper is basically a spa day in a box. It has lotion bars, bath melts, and candles – and everything is totally organic!

    15. You can personalise this tea gift set with a note like "Have a tea-riffic day!"

    16. Send a personalised message in chocolate to let someone know that you're thinking of them.

    17. This aromatherapy set contains bath salts, bath bombs, a lotion bar, and a pulse point oiler. Each one has a soothing fragrance that you get to pick!

    18. An enviromentally-friendly lavender sachet is a soothing gift during these stressful times. Some people even find that the smell of lavender helps them to relax and fall asleep!

    19. A bottle of red wine, because why not send your best friend a bottle of red wine?

    20. This mini pamper box has chocolate, face masks, tea, and other little things to help them relax and unwind.

    21. Is there anything better than getting homemade brownies in the post?