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    19 Lazy Hair Accessories For Anyone Who Spends Less Than Five Minutes Getting Ready

    Low-effort, high-quality results.

    1. These bun makers will give you a sleek, professional updo in less than ten seconds!

    2. Stay cosyand cute with these chunky-knit headbands that will keep you warm without giving you hat hair. They're also great for keeping your hair out of your face when you go for a jog!

    3. These hair scarf scrunchies will make your messy buns and lazy ponytails look retro and elegant.

    4. You can wear these versatile faux pearl hair clips with casual and formal looks alike!

    5. These knot headbands are a great way to transform a bad hair day into an "ooh, what a cute headband!" day.

    6. These simple yet stunning metallic claw clips will keep your hair out of your face while adding a chic, modern vibe to your entire outfit.

    7. These slender hair ties won't break your hair thanks to their silky smooth texture.

    8. These metallic slides are perfect for pinning back your fringe when it's growing out.

    9. Tired of your hair elastics breaking? Try these cotton ponytail holders that can stretch without snapping.

    10. Say goodbye to painful tugging and weird ponytail lumps with these Invisibobble hair ties! The spiral design works by applying uneven pressure around your ponytail.

    11. These geometric hair clips come in whimsical shapes like a crescent moon and bow, as well as more minimalist, understated shapes like circles and triangles.

    12. Any hairdo will look expensive and elegant when you use this faux-pearl hair tie.

    13. Rhinestones are a girl's best friend, and so is this glitzy, multicoloured headband.

    14. For an instant retro look, pop on one of these cute bandana headbands that have a fun bow.

    15. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, treat yourself to this pack of soft scrunchies that feature practically every shade of pink.

    16. These minimalist metallic hair slides have unique leaf-inspired designs.

    17. These crocheted headbands prove that cosy-chic is a valid aesthetic.

    18. These understated, vintage-inspired hair slides have low-key Bridgerton energy.

    19. The faux pearls on this dark blue headband take it from simple to sensational.