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    35 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

    There's still time!

    1. Some delicious Belgian chocolates that are designed to look like the solar system, because your partner is out of this world!

    2. Some fun socks depicting famous paintings, because your S.O. deserves some wearable art.

    3. A rom-com novel that's equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. It follows Georgina, whose first love just became her new boss. The only problem? He doesn't seem to remember her at all.

    4. Some sweet stud earrings that might just steal their heart.

    5. Some soothing scented candles packaged in gorgeous tins that they can reuse once the wax has melted away.

    6. A pocket-sized hug that's a sweet and safe way to let your long-distance partner know that you're thinking about them.

    7. A card that's otterly adorable, because no Valentine's Day gift is complete without a card.

    8. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes that uses a combination of heat and motion to unwind knots and relieve tension. It's like they'll have a personal massage therapist!

    9. A lovely mama bear mug, because let's be real – mums deserve the MOST gifts on Valentine's Day.

    10. A gorgeous necklace that you can customise with their initials, or both of your initials together.

    11. The first book in the Bridgerton series, so they can relive all the gossip, love triangles, and empire-waist dresses from the Netflix adaptation.

    12. A hydrating Garnier tissue mask that's infused with chamomile and hyaluronic acid to leave their skin bright and smooth. Pretty much everyone loves a good sheet mask, so this gift is basically a guaranteed hit.

    13. A Van Gogh-inspired notebook that's so pretty, you'll want to buy one for yourself.

    14. A silky smooth pyjama set so they can lounge around in luxury.

    15. A cauldron mug, because your partner is pretty magical.

    16. A fluffy blanket hoodie that feels like a warm hug, because cosiness is the most romantic gift of all. One size fits all!

    17. A Nightmare Before Christmas notebook that will delight your Jack or Sally.

    18. A seriously cute mug that your boyfriend can use whenever he watches The Mandalorian.

    19. A collection of iconic love letters written by historical figures such as Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, and Simone de Beauvoir. The book is basically a love letter to love letters!

    20. Some sachets that they can toss into the fireplace and watch as the flames become a multicoloured spectacle.

    21. Some faux pearl clips that will let them feel instantly glam.

    22. An adorable Totoro keychain that will guard their keys and melt the heart of any Studio Ghibli fan.

    23. A hilarious Kermit pin is worth its weight in gold, and that's the tea.

    24. A constellation necklace that will show off their star sign.

    25. A beginner-friendly lettering and calligraphy book will help them unleash their creative side and start a new hobby!

    26. A shimmery nail polish that will give them a mermaid-worthy manicure. It dries in as little as 60 seconds!

    27. A gardening kit that has everything they need to grow their own sunflowers.

    28. Red, White, And Royal Blue, because who doesn't want to read a romance between the son of the President of the United States and the son of the Prime Minister? It's a trans-Atlantic queer romance that should be on everyone's book list this February.

    29. Some adorable astronaut earrings, so they know that you love them all the way to the moon and back.

    30. A weighted blanket that evenly distributes pressure over their body, helping them to relax and fall asleep.

    31. A luxury tea sampler that will let your favourite person enjoy their favourite beverage! Each sampler contains three loose leaf teas: saffron masala chai, sweet Himalayan green tea, and Earl Grey masala chai.

    32. An aspirational travel book with stunning photos of the most fascinating destinations around the world. It'll give them several adventures to look forward towards once it's safe to travel again!

    33. A deck of movie tarot cards that's a perfect gift for any cinephile. It features classic films like The Princess Bride, The Sound of Music, and Beetlejuice.

    34. A "naked" music box that can play their favourite song. You can choose from a variety of songs like the hopeful "Here Comes the Sun" or the romantic "La Vie en Rose."

    35. A set of popular watercolour brush pens that's both fun and surprisingly easy to use! Their art will go from doodles to masterpieces in no time.