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    17 Popular Kitchen Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    People who leave internet reviews are the real heroes in society.

    1. Turn your fruit and leafy greens into delicious smoothies with this personal blender.

    2. The slanted design of this pan scraper allows it to easily get into all the edges of your cookware.

    3. These odour resistant sponges change texture depending on the temperature. Dunk them in cold water and they become tough, hard sponges perfect for heavy scrubbing. Dunk them in warm water and they become soft and suitable for regular washing.

    4. This stainless steel "soap" will wash away the smells of garlic, onion, and fish from your hands. Here's how it works: the sulphur molecules causing that pungent smell bind to the steel molecules on the bar, leaving your hands smelling garlic-free!

    5. Quickly get rid of those unsettling floaty bits of limescale in your kettle with these descaling bags that you just drop in!

    6. This cake decorating set has everything you need to frost your bakes to perfection.

    7. These reusable liners mean you don't need to scrub down your oven every time you make a roast chicken. Just peel them off, rinse them in the sink, and then pop them back in the oven!

    8. This compact knife sharpener can be used on both straight edge knives and wide serrated knives.

    9. This herb garden kit, because the best way to get the freshest ingredients is to grow them yourself.

    10. This wine aerator means you don't have to let your wine breath for an hour, and can instead get its optimal taste as soon as you pour.

    11. This mounted roll dispenser keeps your paper towels, aluminium foil, and plastic wrap organised and visible.

    12. This cutlery organiser is an aesthetically pleasing way to maximise precious drawer space.

    13. This scrubber brush is specifically designed to thoroughly and safely clean sharp knives and other cutlery.

    14. Maximise your cupboard space with this genius hanging rack that holds ten mugs.

    15. Cook bacon in the microwave with this covered tray – the lid prevents splatter stains!

    16. This non-slip baking mat has measurements to help you make bakes of consistent sizes.

    17. This powerful electronic brush makes it easy to quickly clean the trickiest spots in your kitchen like your hobs, the grout between your tiles, and the far corners of the microwave.