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    19 Kitchen Gadgets Under £9 That Everyone Needs In Their Cupboard

    Just some tools to make cooking way easier.

    1. These genius scissors will cut meal prep time in half! They can quickly and evenly chop herbs, dried seaweed, shallots, and more!

    2. Maximise your kitchen space with this collapsible colander that you can conveniently flatten when you're not using it.

    3. If you find peeling garlic by hand infuriating, these silicone tubes that easily peel garlic cloves are a godsend.

    4. These rainbow silicone straws are fun AF and will cut down on your use of single-use plastics that clog up landfills.

    5. This apple corer has an average rating of 4.5 stars with over 1,200 reviews, so you know it gets the job done!

    6. These pastel egg separators are perfect for baking or if you love to start the day with an egg white omelette.

    7. Make your dull knives as good as new with this compact but effective knife sharpener. You can also use it on kitchen scissors!

    8. This storage pod will keep your sliced lemon fresh.

    9. This ladle that's also a colander will make straining vegetables, pasta, and fried food way easier.

    10. Properly descale your kitchen tap with this silicone device that lets your tap rest in cleaning solution for as long as you need.

    11. This three-in-one tool will cut open, pit, and slice your avocado with ease.

    12. This vegetable peeler fits right into the palm of your hand!

    13. This small colander is the perfect size for straining cans.

    14. Take your pasta game to the next level with this easy-to-use ravioli maker.

    15. These heat-resistant meat claws make shredding meat easy and fun!

    16. Prepping your vegetables has never be easier (or more fun) thanks to this handheld spiraliser! Use it to make delicious and nutritious meals, like courgette noodles!

    17. This chopper will give you the perfect crinkle-cut potato.

    18. These adjustable pie shields prevent your crust from burning

    19. Not only are these panda clips adorable, they'll also keep your bags closed, preventing spills and keeping your snacks fresh.