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    25 Kids Gifts On Amazon That Will Confirm Your Cool Aunt/Uncle Status

    Including an Among Us plushie!

    1. This adorable plushie is the perfect gift for any fan of Among Us.

    2. This archeological kit that lets them excavate a mini dinosaur is fun AND educational.

    3. Help them unleash their creative side with these 3D puzzles that they can colour.

    4. They'll love taking photos with this digital camera.

    5. This bedazzling kit will let them turn their boring water bottle into a sparkly masterpiece.

    6. Piggy banks are so last year. This panda coin-stealing box is the way to go.

    7. With this hair chalk set, they can temporarily transform their locks into a multicoloured mane.

    8. This popular tie-dye kit is a fun activity that will let them give new life to their old T-shirts.

    9. This cat bag is the purrfect gift for a fashionista.

    10. This glitter tattoo kit comes with 27 stencils and four glittery colours to choose from.

    11. Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack is a queer spin on the classic story of a knight slaying a dragon to save the princess. This delightful picture book is recommended for children aged seven and up!

    12. This cute rhino footstool is a fun and necessary addition to any child's bedroom.

    13. These dinosaur egg bath bombs fizz away to reveal a little dinosaur toy.

    14. Why give them normal fairy lights when you could give them these amazing llama lights instead?

    15. They'll think you're *out of this world* when you give them these asymmetrical astronaut earrings.

    16. This big-eyed, soft lockable journal is basically stationery that they can hug.

    17. Future scientists will love looking through this little pocket microscope that they can bring anywhere.

    18. They'll love doodling and designing on this mini tablet.

    19. I'm sorry, but what kid doesn't want a walkie-talkie set?

    20. Crafty kids will love this rock painting set that includes silly googly eyes and stickers!

    21. They'll have hours of fun creating sculptures and creatures with this modeling clay kit!

    22. At night, this detailed globe transforms into a gorgeous constellation map.

    23. With this Explosive Experiments kit, they'll feel like they're being mischievous, but actually they'll be learning all about science.

    24. This one-size-fits-all Fortnite hoodie will delight young gamers and keep them cosy.

    25. Finally, they'll be over the moon when they receive this stunning, battery-powered lamp.