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    22 Super Fun Bathroom Accessories That Your Kid Will Probably Love

    Including a gadget to making brushing their teeth more fun!

    1. These tropical scented bath bombs come in all the colours of the rainbow.

    2. These LED, battery-powered seashell fairy lights are the perfect decoration for a bathroom or a bedroom.

    3. If your kid loves Studio Ghibli, then they'll love this Totoro toothbrush holder.

    4. This leaf-shaped tap extender makes it easier for kids and toddlers to wash their hands.

    5. This adorable spout cover will protect your kid from painful bumps.

    6. These bath tub crayons work on wet surfaces and are easily wiped away.

    7. They'll enjoy using this toothpaste dispenser so much that they might actually look forward to brushing their teeth.

    8. These toy pipes can be connected together to form a fun water system!

    9. With this waterproof narwhal speaker, your kid can rock out to "Baby Shark" during bath time.

    10. This little basketball hoop and ball set will keep them entertained and help them practise their hand-eye coordination.

    11. These multicoloured cogs can be moved by hand or by pouring water over them.

    12. This gentle bubble bath changes from red to blue as it mixes with water.

    13. What better way to give your bathroom a fun, under-the-sea vibe than with these marine life wall stickers?

    14. The colours in this padded bath book only show up when it gets wet!

    15. Kids will love the glamour of having their own personalised bathrobe.

    16. And babies will love the softness of this adorable elephant towel!

    17. Your kid can make it rain with this fun, cloud-shaped bath toy.

    18. These dinosaur bath bombs comes in a personalised bag!

    19. And if they prefer unicorns, then this gift set will be right up their alley.

    20. This soft bath mat is a cute way to keep your floors dry.

    21. These underwater lights will turn bath time into a fun light show.

    22. They'll have a whale of a time fishing for narwhals with this cute toy set.