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    31 Gifts For Kids That Are Seriously Fun

    Including a make-your-own slime kit!

    1. Why have normal fairy lights when you could have these amazing llama lights?

    2. This fun slime kit has everything they need to make 24 pots of colourful slime. The kit includes slime accessories like glitter, foam balls, and mini animals.

    3. They'll be over the moon when they recieve this stunning, battery-powered lamp.

    4. This fox wall decal doubles as a stick-on blackboard.

    5. Crafty kids will love creating their own bling with this colourful bracelet-making kit.

    6. This children's art set contains watercolour pens, coloured pencils, pigments, crayons, oil pastels, and more!

    7. Although they'll giggle at the name of these "Unicorn Poo" bath bombs, they'll love how these make their baths multi-coloured and raspberry-scented.

    8. Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack is a queer spin on the classic story of a knight slaying a dragon to save the princess. This delightful picture book is recommended for children aged seven and up!

    9. Give terrific (and temporary) hair makeovers with this set of 12 colourful hair chalks. The colouring will easily wash out with cold water!

    10. This personalised varsity jacket is so cool that you'll wish you had one of your own.

    11. They'll enjoy colouring the white walls of this eco-friendly cardboard castle.

    12. For young singers, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone with a built-in sound mixer is the ultimate gift.

    13. This world map pillow case comes with ten fabric markers, so they can colour it in however they want!

    14. After you finish reading this story about carrots together, you can plant it in the garden and grow actual carrots.

    15. This explosive experiment kit will delight (and educate) your child as they launch rockets, erupt volcanoes, and make slime.

    16. They can explore the stars with this personalised astronomy kit that includes a "make your own" telescope with their name on it, a poster of well-known constellations observable from the UK, silver paper to make origami stars, and more!

    17. This cute rhino footstool is a fun and necessary addition to any bedroom.

    18. This dinosaur puppet kit will combine their love for crafts with their love for science! Each kit makes two puppets.

    19. Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers is an exquisite book to break down and explain the complexities of Earth one picture at a time. It's recommended for ages three to six!

    20. Their hearts will soar when they see these hot air balloon lights.

    21. They'll love measuring themselves against this hanging ruler every morning to see how much they've grown.

    22. You can get this hanging canopy in grey, pink, or white – but your kid will love it no matter which colour your pick.

    23. This unicorn hair clip organiser is a fun way to keep their hair accessories in one place.

    24. This embroidered hoop can be personalised with their name.

    25. This educational world map wall sticker won't damage the walls or leave a sticky residue.

    26. They can literally curl up with a good book with this personalised book blanket.

    27. They can colour this cardboard rocket any way that they want.

    28. This fun kit allows them to play air hockey on practically any flat surface.

    29. With this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, they can bop out to their favourite music in the bath or shower.

    30. These dinosaur egg bath bombs fizz away to reveal a little dinosaur toy.

    31. With this easy-to-use tie dye kit, they can transform their old white clothes into new and colourful outfits.