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    37 Fun Accessories For Kid's Rooms That Parents Will Probably Like Too

    Including some gorgeous night lights.

    1. These rocket and moon night lights are truly out of this world.

    2. They'll have a whale of a time looking at this majestic wall sticker every day.

    3. They'll love measuring themselves against this hanging ruler.

    4. This bunny storage basket is possibly the cutest thing you can buy for less than £10.

    5. And this felt storage basket might just be the most adorable thing you can buy for less than £5.

    6. This gorgeous fox is decor during the day and a night light after bedtime.

    7. These wooden bookends are un-bear-ably cute.

    8. This LEGO drawer is perfect for storing coloured pencils and crayons.

    9. Seriously, who wouldn't love this colourful unicorn that stores hair accessories in its flowing tresses?

    10. This dinosaur neon light is honestly awesome for any age.

    11. This fabric moon and stars wall sticker will inspire your kid to shoot for the moon.

    12. This world map pillowcase comes with a set of fabric markers, so they can colour in the continents!

    13. They'll love these sparkly, LED jar lights that mimic fireflies.

    14. They'll be on cloud nine (literally) with this adorable cushion.

    15. Future astronauts will love these motivational space posters.

    16. This gorgeous hanging tent will give them endless hours of fun. It comes in pink, blue, white, and grey!

    17. This hanging organiser with three pockets is a space-saving way to store books, toys, and art supplies.

    18. This motivational Dr. Seuss wall sticker will inspire your kids to become bookworms.

    19. These dinosaur coat hooks are perfect for hanging coats and rucksacks.

    20. This wicker dinosaur storage basket, because who doesn't want a wicker dinosaur storage basket?

    21. This world map sticker, because it's never too early to start learning geography. It won't leave any residue behind when you want to remove it, either!

    22. This rainbow cloud mobile is simple but beautiful.

    23. This colourful mermaid tail blanket will quickly become a prized possession.

    24. This educational poster of all the kings and queens of England and Great Britain will help them ace their future history lessons.

    25. You'll definitely score some major parenting points with this football rug.

    26. These stylish woodland creature wall stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove.

    27. These dinosaur bookends are a great way to add a bit of fun to your child's bookshelf.

    28. This triceratops ottoman is offiicially the best way to store toys.

    29. This orange beanbag is actually designed to hold your child's plush toys, blankets, and dress-up clothes when they're not using them.

    30. This pink castle can be used as a bookshelf, a toy cubby, or a place to store extra clothes. It's extremely easy to dismantle and clean!

    31. This sling bookcase makes it easier for your child to grab their favourite picturebook, and the removable canvas slings makes it easier for you to clean.

    32. Future Galileos will adore this peel-and-stick poster of the solar system.

    33. This mounted rack is an amazing space-saving storage solution.

    34. This eco-friendly cardboard rocket will unleash their imaginations.

    35. This rainbow coat hook is a quick and easy way to add a bit of colour to your kid's room.

    36. This dinosaur-themed wall decor is so cute that I – a grown adult – would happily have this in my room.

    37. This educational map rug means that the world will literally be at your child's feet.