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    29 Things That Will Make Your Home Office Even Better Than Your Regular Office

    Make your WFH space a place you're actually happy to work in!

    1. This lumbar cushion can make any chair more comfortable by improving your sitting posture and supporting your lower back.

    2. And why not make your work chair into a massage chair by attaching this popular pillow with four powerful nodes that knead away all your tension?

    3. This adjustable privacy sign will make sure your housemates don't barge in during of an important Zoom call. It has four different options; "Do Not Disturb", "In A Meeting", "Please Knock", and "Out of Office.

    4. If you spend hours staring at a screen, get these blue light filter glasses that prevent eye-strain, dry eyes, and headaches. Plus, they look super cute.

    5. This adjustable footrest will help correct your sitting posture, which means less back pain!

    6. You might be stuck inside working, but with this Yankee Candle you'll feel like you're next to a campfire.

    7. This decorative storage box is a pretty way to keep your files organised.

    8. Did your regular office have a gorgeous moon lamp?

    9. This adhesive cable organiser sticks onto your desk or wall and prevents your chargers from getting tangled up with each other.

    10. And these adorable cable bites prevent your chargers from getting frayed!

    11. This waterproof desk mat protects your desk from scratches and ring stains. It also doubles as a mouse pad!

    12. This essential oil diffuser will make your home office feel like a soothing spa!

    13. If you want an office chair that doesn't clash with your other furniture, than check out this faux leather swivel chair that has a modern design but a retro aesthetic.

    14. This cup holder prevents you from accidentally knocking over your mug and spilling coffee all across your precious laptop and documents.

    15. This pastel weekly planner with tear-away pages is so pretty that you'll look forward to organising your schedule.

    16. Start each work day with a cup of coffee in this bewitching mug that has an average rating of 4.9 stars and 4,000 reviews!

    17. If witchcraft isn't your aesthetic, than try this fun Friends mug that will be there for you (when the rain starts to fall).

    18. Squeeze your stress away with this adorable llama!

    19. If you need a stapler, why not get this adorable panda one?

    20. Spruce up your work laptop with these plant decal stickers!

    21. These pastel highlighters are just like regular highlighters, except better.

    22. These artificial succulents will make your WFH space feel like an outdoor garden.

    23. You can work and workout thanks to this under-the-desk elliptical! This compact exercise machine was designed to be quiet, so you can pedal away without worrying about your housemates hearing you.

    24. Or, you can put this foot massager under your desk so you can work and get some spa-treatment.

    25. Nobody can see your feet on Zoom, so why not wear these incredibly fluffy slippers to your next meeting?

    26. Create a calm atmosphere in your working area with this Himalayan salt lamp.

    27. These memory wrist supports for your keyboard and mouse reduce muscle strain and make sure your wrists are properly aligned.

    28. If your home office is your bedroom, then you'll appreciate this lap desk that lets you work from the comfort of your own bed.

    29. Decorate your office with this hilarious pillow inspired by The Office!