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    18 Little Home Accessories That Will Make A Big Impact On Your Entire Flat

    Including a truly adorable tiny cactus.

    1. A rainbow tassle mirror that will instantly add a pop of colour to your walls.

    2. And this crescent moon mirror that's the perfect celestial accessory for your bedroom.

    3. A set of geometric-patterned suitcases that are a stylish way to store knick-knacks, photos, and other memorabilia that you don't really have a place for.

    4. An adorable cactus with pink flowers that comes in a chic glazed planter, because who doesn't love a tiny succulent?

    5. A Central Perk door mat that will be there for you when the rain starts to fall.

    6. A night light that looks like a tiny fire-breathing dragon. Personally, I think it's pretty awesome even when it's turned off!

    7. A magnetic key holder that's so pretty, it will make you feel like you're on cloud nine. Leave it right by your door so you never forget your keys again!

    8. A "Feeling Retro" scented candle for when you're in a nostalgic mood.It has 30+ hours of burn time!

    9. A highly realistic lunar lamp that will let you read by the light of the moon.

    10. A colourful pixel clock that's functional and whimsical.

    11. A transparent hanging terrarium that will make your bedroom feel like a greenhouse.

    12. A fun statement cushion that will add some vibrancy to your sofa.

    13. A neon sign to light up your living room and create a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

    14. A gorgeous tapestry that will give your room a soothing beach vibe.

    15. A chic leopard trinket dish that's perfect for storing your rings and bracelets.

    16. A leggy terracotta pot that will make it look like your plant is giving some major side-eye to the other plants.

    17. Some asymmetrical polka dot stickers to turn your boring white wall into a patterned statement work of art.

    18. A bouquet of dried pampas grass that's perfect for creating a long-lasting centrepiece in your dining room.