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    39 More Highly Rated Amazon Products With Over One Thousand Reviews

    People who leave online reviews are the real heroes, don't @ me.

    1. A bug-catcher with 1,711 reviews that lets you trap creepy critters and then release them outside. No more bug splats on your wall!

    2. This alarm clock/lamp simulates the sun rising so you wake up more peacefully and naturally. It also has FM radio, white noise sounds, and 1,231 reviews.

    3. These teeth whitening strips with 1,894 reviews will give you a stunning smile.

    4. This simple sleep mask got 1,767 reviews — probably because it's so comfortable.

    5. Your dull knives won't be useless for much longer thanks to this wildly popular knife sharpener (with 2,363 ratings).

    6. These aren't cupcakes – they're luxurious bath melts made with moisturizing cocoa and shea butters. No wonder they have 3,343 reviews.

    7. Add some geeky whimsy to your decor with this absolutely adorable Baby Groot flower pot (1,074 reviews).

    8. This paraben-free shampoo stimulates hair growth, leaving your hair thicker, shinier, and bouncier.

    9. This magnetic phone holder (6,689 ratings) attaches to the vents on your car's dashboard, so you'll spend less time fumbling for your phone and more time concentrating on driving.

    10. This best-selling matte-powder (1,029 ratings) provides up to six hours of shine control.

    11. 3,353 people reviewed this handy, lightweight hairdryer.

    12. For strong and shiny nails, apply this nail strengthener with 1,871 ratings.

    13. This waterproof eyebrow gel keeps your eyebrows looking fuller for longer, and it has a whopping 4,447 reviews!

    14. These popular leggings with 1,750 reviews have pockets, so I'm sold.

    15. This sandwich toaster with 2,417 reviews helps you make the perfect toastie. It's also dishwasher safe, so it's really easy to clean.

    16. These LED strips with 1,197 reviews backlight your TV (which reduces eyestrain and looks hella cool).

    17. This nail-grooming travel kit (that just so happens to have 1,270 reviews) contains 14 useful tools to keep your nails clean and well shaped.

    18. 1,771 people reviewed this eye-friendly LED lamp that also charges your phone.

    19. And over 3,000 people reviewed this microfibre mop and bucket set with a foot pedal operated wringer that lets you control the amount of water in the mop.

    20. This trimmer can groom your eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair. Oh, and it also has 3,165 ratings.

    21. These colour changing light strips (1,109 ratings) can transform any space into a party-ready venue.

    22. If you need a new memory card for your camera, why not go for this 32 GB card with 100MB/s transfer speeds and 9,967 reviews.

    23. This motion sensor light with 1,231 ratings means you won't have to go fumbling around for the bathroom light switch in the dead of night.

    24. This keyboard with 1,234 reviews has an ergonomic design so it's more efficient and more comfortable.

    25. Skip the expensive gym membership and work out at home with this adjustable-length skipping rope (1,130 ratings).

    26. You'll be obsessed with this Calvin Klein perfume that has 1,414 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars.

    27. If you cycle at night, try these clip-on, rechargeable bike lights with 1,045 reviews.

    28. If you want to make your hair look fuller, try these hair building fibers with 1,191 reviews.

    29. Make your dentist proud and up your flossing game with this highly-effective water flosser (1,363 ratings).

    30. This gorgeous salt lamp with 1,131 reviews is perfect for making a small space feel warm and cosy.

    31. Save some money (and help the environment) by drying your laundry on this easy to install, retractable washing line (1,669 reviews).

    32. This pink sands scented candle with 1,724 reviews will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation, even when you're stuck at home in the middle of winter.

    33. This all-in-one printer with 2,644 reviews lets you print directly from your smartphone and tablets.

    34. Rejuvenate your old clothes with these laundry dye pods. They come in 27 different colours, and according to the 2,379 reviews, the results are to dye for (I'm so sorry).

    35. This anti-aging moisturiser with 1,712 reviews firms your skin and reduces the appearence of fine lines.

    36. If you wear glasses (or if you have a camera), you should probably already have some lens wipes. These lens wipes have 1,664 ratings.

    37. These reusable, stainless steel straws are environmentally friendly and honestly just better than plastic straws (especially if you're drinking a milkshake). They have 1,356 reviews and a 4.9 average star rating

    38. This adaptor (1,154 reviews) lets you charge your smartphone and other devices in your car.

    39. This smart security camera (1,155 ratings) has night vision, two-way audio, and connects to your phone so you can check in on your home anywhere, anytime.

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