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    33 Amazon Products That I Know Work Because They Have An Average Rating Of 4.8 Stars Or Higher

    Including The Office-themed stickers, a motivational water bottle, and some bath bombs that smell amazing!

    1. This nesting food preparation set from Joseph Joseph includes a colander, five measuring spoons, and mixing bowls in a variety of sizes.

    2. This lavender detangling brush glides painlessly through your hair without creating breakage or frizz. You can use it on dry or wet hair!

    3. This handy little gadget will reseal your opened bags, keeping your snacks fresh for longer!

    4. You can personalise this pendant necklace with an engraving of your birth flower!

    5. This reusable water bottle has time markers that motivate you to regularly hydrate throughout the day!

    6. Could this yellow scarf bee any cuter?

    7. This pack of 100 stickers from The Office is more than enough to decorate your laptop and your water bottle. The stickers celebrate iconic moments like when Kevin spilled his chilli, as well as classic quotes such as "that's what she said!".

    8. This 'mummy & me' colouring book is designed in a way that that lets you and your daughter colour at the same time! It's the perfect gift to give to your own family, or to your closest friend who's a mum.

    9. If your lips are constantly chapped or cracked and regular lip balms don't help, try this cocoa butter swivel stick that moisturises quickly and deeply.

    10. This bewitching cauldron mug will make your morning potion – I mean, your morning tea – taste even more magical.

    11. This gold-coloured necklace is a rather foxy accessory.

    12. And this fox necklace is such a sweet gift to give to a new or expecting mum!

    13. Make your old eyelash curler as good as new with these eyelash curler replacement pads! The rubber bit on your curler gets cracked and dirty with age, but luckily it's super easy to peel it off and swap it for a clean, unbroken pad.

    14. This popular moisturiser uses aloe vera to nourish your skin and relieve dryness.

    15. You can wear a single pair of these fluffy faux lashes up to 48 times, and each pack contains six pairs. That means that a single order will give you up to 288 days of wearing false lashes.

    16. This popular blackhead vacuum essentially hoovers out the oil, dirt, and gunk from your pores.

    17. This stunning oracle deck features 52 beautiful celestial designs with a pastel colour palette.

    18. These Nightmare Before Christmas wooden utensils will make cooking a spooktacular experience!

    19. According to the reviews, these four mid-century style dining chairs are as comfortable as they are chic.

    20. Add a floral accessory to any winter outfit with this poppy print scarf.

    21. The Binging with Babish cookbook will teach you how to make delicious food from your favourite TV shows and movies. You could even learn to cook the iconic Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants!

    22. This chic footstool opens up like a suitcase, so it's both furniture and storage.

    23. You can use this oil burner for wax melts or essential oil – the star cut-outs will cast a gorgeous pattern around your bedroom.

    24. This five-tier ladder shelf fits perfectly into the corner of any room room.

    25. This facial serum is made with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, a combination that'll help to moisturise and even out your skin.

    26. People swear by this adult colouring book that's full of rather, well, colourful language.

    27. You can channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and customise this necklace with your name!

    28. These pastel highlighters are just like regular highlighters, but prettier.

    29. This pizza tray ensures that the entire crust of the pizza is equally crispy, because nothing is worse than a pizza with burnt edges and a doughy middle.

    30. This silky moisturiser is so lightweight that you can use it on your face AND body.

    31. These gorgeous felt-tip pens are every organiser's dream!

    32. This cat wallet is simply the purrfect place to keep your cash and cards organised.

    33. Treat yourself (or someone else) to these colourful scented bath bombs.