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    18 Oddly Satisfying Beauty Products That Work So Well, Over 1,000 People Left A Five-Star Review

    You'll either be delighted or disgusted.

    1. These facial razors are perfect for shaping eyebrows, removing peach fuzz, and scraping off dead skin.

    2. This foot mask helps to peel away dry, callused, and cracked skin. The peeling process looks kind of nasty, but you'll be left with smooth and soft feet!

    3. This eyebrow tint darkens your brows and makes them look fuller, plus it peels off in a way that's weirdly gratifying.

    4. This blackhead vacuum uses suction to remove dirt and oil stuck deep inside your pores. You'll be equally horrified and delighted to see just how much gunk this powerful skincare gadget can remove!

    5. You'll actually use every last drop of your expensive foundation thanks to this beauty spatula that's the perfect size for scraping out leftover makeup.

    6. These pimple patches shrink your spots overnight. When you peel them off, there's this nasty little white spot on the patch from all the oils and secretions it's absorbed.

    7. This stainless-steel kit comes equipped with six tools designed to extract blackheads, whiteheads, and all other types of pimples.

    8. This foot file (that looks eerily like a cheese grater) will effectively exfoliate hard, dead skin.

    9. This peel-off liquid latex will help you achieve the perfect manicure by preventing nail polish from drying on your skin.

    10. As this charcoal-infused mask dries, you'll be able to see pinpricks of oil across your face! But once you wash the mask off, your face will look and feel cleaner, brighter, and rejuvenated.

    11. You'll be freaked out by how much oil these blotting strips absorb after just a few pats.

    12. This popular manicure tool set includes a cuticle pusher that (you guessed it) pushes your cuticles back AND a nail spoon that scoops out all the dirt and gunk from under your nails.

    13. Colder weather means drier, rougher skin. Use this popular sea salt scrub to stay smooth and prevent dead skin from building up.

    14. This derma roller with 540 microneedles helps to maximise the impact of your serums and cleansers. Reviewers say they noticed a significant difference after only two to three uses!

    15. This organic loofah mitt will easily exfoliate a mildly horrifying amount of dead skin.

    16. You'll be shocked by the sheer amount of old makeup this specially-formulated shampoo will remove from your brushes.

    17. This exfoliating peel quickly absorbs oils and removes dead skin cells, leaving your complexion looking even and glowing.

    18. Finally, this copper tongue scraper is technically more of a hygiene product than a beauty product, but I think you'll forgive me for sneaking it onto this list because it is the definition of gross-yet-satisfying. Also, it makes your tongue look healthy and pink, which is definitely more aesthetically pleasing.