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    29 Accessories Under £15 That I Think Would Make Great Gifts

    All I Want For Christmas Is Not To Go Broke.

    1. This delicate rose gold flower ring is whimsical AF.

    2. This sunflower locket is so cute it's physically painful.

    3. This enamel snake pin makes a sassy accessory.

    4. It's impossible to *knot* love this bracelet.

    5. These hair scarf scrunchies can make any messy bun look like an elegant updo.

    6. This over-the-shoulder purse is sleek and compact.

    7. This little brooch has an un-bee-lievably high rating (4.5 stars with 1,474 reviews).

    8. These XO earrings are quirky, elegant, and fun.

    9. You don't have to be a Hufflepuff to find this snitch bracelet beautiful.

    10. This lemon pin is cute but bitter, aka the best aesthetic.

    11. This initial bag will keep all their makeup in one place.

    12. These statement hair clips are dramatic and cute.

    13. This tentacle ring has subtle Ursula vibes.

    14. These rose gold studs make a heartwarming gift.

    15. This time turner necklace will delight any Potterhead.

    16. These geometric clips can transform a lazy half-up, half-down hairdo into a work of art.

    17. These rose gold studs will remind them that spring is on the way.

    18. This layered necklace was handcrafted in the UK.

    19. This imitation emerald ring is a fun stocking filler.

    20. These stylish velvet scrunchies won't tug or break hair.

    21. Personalise this vegan leather passport holder with their initials.

    22. These sterling silver feather earrings are subtle but fun.

    23. This enamel pin is perfect for your favourite introvert.

    24. I love the leaf pattern on this clutch.

    25. Sew this Baby Yoda patch onto any jacket or tote bag, and the force will definitely be with you.

    26. This popular opalite necklace has a magical quality to it.

    27. And people who love to make a statement will go crazy over these peacock earrings.

    28. For the Ziggy Stardust fan, you can't go wrong with this iron-on patch.

    29. You can put a secret message in this ball locket.