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    17 Gifts Stressed Out Writers Deserve To Treat Themselves To

    God, writing is hard.

    1. These noise-canceling headphones will help you focus.

    2. Break your writer's block with this low-commitment, one-line-a-day journal.

    3. Write anywhere you want with a cushioned laptop desk.

    4. The Very Short Story Starter contains 101 writing prompts to get you inspired.

    5. Be inspired by your beverage with Novel Teas, a company that makes tea bags tagged with literary quotes.

    6. Drink tea sassily with a mug covered in Shakespearean insults.

    7. Write down your shower epiphanies with this waterproof pencil and notepad.

    8. Get those creative juices flowing (and relieve some stress) with an adult colouring book.

    9. Create poems while waiting for your toast with these magnetic words.

    10. Stay cosy with these fun, Jane Austen socks.

    11. Go back to basics with The Elements of Style.

    12. Gather your fellow creative friends to play a few rounds of Dixit, a board game based in storytelling.

    13. If you're truly stuck, turn to the The Writer's Idea Thesausus to spark inspiration and develop your idea into novel material.

    14. Write your ideas down in this handmade, leather-bound journal.

    15. This elegant fountain pen will make you feel sophisticated AF.

    16. Relieve writing induced stress with these egg-shaped, stress-relief balls.

    17. And just when you feel like giving up on this whole writing thing, this framed Alice in Wonderland poster will inspire you to keep going.