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    27 Gifts For £10 Or Under That Are Perfect For People You Don't Know Too Well

    Gifts anyone would love to receive!

    1. Everyone loves a spa care package, so you can give it to anyone. This one includes vegan shower gel, body scrub, body butter, and a loofah!

    2. This gorgeous notebook has a heartwarming message that everyone deserves to hear.

    3. This whimsical shut-eye mug is understated yet chic.

    4. Don't know what kind of chocolate they prefer? This chocolate tasting box contains a variety of light, milk, and dark chocolates.

    5. This hand cream set is a fun gift that will certainly come in handy.

    6. This pretty blue fan, because everyone wants to look cool and stay cool in the summer.

    7. And if you aren't sure if they have a bathtub, these shower steamers are a great alternative.

    8. These three clay masks each address a different skincare need. The eucalyptus mask soothes and moisturises your skin, the red algae mask leaves your skin bright and clear, and the charcoal mask draws out impurities and pollutants.

    9. This imaginative adult colouring book is a popular form of self care that will encourage them to unleash their creative side.

    10. These prosecco-scented bath bombs, because everyone loves a bit of luxury.

    11. These hot chocolate bombes are fun, delicious, and guaranteed to please.

    12. This multipurpose wallet tool is so useful that everyone should have one. It works as a phone stand, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and more!

    13. I can't think of a single person who WOULDN'T love to get this sweet birthday gift.

    14. You can also give this delicious chocolate box as a thank-you gift.

    15. This teariffic pouch is perfect for holding their cards.

    16. It's literally impossible to not love this fun, vibrant notebook.

    17. This celestial One Line A Day journal is a fun gift that doesn't require a lot of time from them.

    18. These textured hoops would go with literally any outfit.

    19. This personalised makeup bag will seem like a thoughtful gift, even if the only thing you know about them is their name.

    20. This spiral-bound notebook is truly out of this world.

    21. This cute little candle burns for 12 hours and smells like pine.

    22. Who wouldn't love sipping a cool beverage out of these cactus glass bottles?

    23. Treat them to a bit of self care and skincare with this Anatomicals apricot face scrub.

    24. Honestly, this deep-moisturising hair mask looks so good that you might just get it as a gift to yourself.

    25. Could this photo holder bee any cuter?

    26. This small but stunning pocket mirror will reflect that you're a great gift giver.

    27. This monogrammed mug is a thoughtful gift that doesn't actually require that much thought.