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    21 Gender Neutral Baby Gifts That Are Simply Too Cute

    Say adieu to the pink and blue.

    1. Why choose pink or blue when you could choose this cloud mobile with all the colours of the rainbow?

    2. This moon nightlight is the perfect celestial addition to any nursery.

    3. This fuzzy fox towel, because babies CAN make fashion statements.

    4. This fabric book is full of stimulating textures and sounds.

    5. These soft Snoopy trainers, because Peanuts goes beyond the gender binary.

    6. These vinyl marine life stickers will turn their nursery into an underwater oasis.

    7. This autumn leaf wall hanging can be personalised with their name.

    8. This cute dragon storage box, because as any parent will tell you, the more storage the better.

    9. This fluffy rabbit and comfort blanket is an adorable gift to send to expecting parents.

    10. This knitted cotton hat has – and I cannot emphasise this enough – floppy bunny ears.

    11. This toy elephant plays soothing white noise so babies can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

    12. Parents who love Disney will love dressing their baby up in in this Mickey Mouse T-shirt and dungaree set.

    13. These adorable baby socks with funny messages can be worn by any gender!

    14. Instead of a blue or pink onesie, may I suggest a wild animal onesie with little elephants, zebra, and giraffes?

    15. These multipurpose muslin cloths can be used for burping, breastfeeding, and nappy-changing.

    16. This nappy changing rucksack has a waterproof coating, several spacious compartments, and a USB charging port. Admittedly, this is more of a gift for the parents than the baby, but they deserve presents too!

    17. This elegant baby mobile is honestly so breathtaking that I, a fully grown adult, kind of want one.

    18. They'll be cute as a bunny in this cosy jumpsuit.

    19. These winged booties will keep their little feet warm.

    20. For a look that's simply unforgettable, this elephant towel is the way to go.

    21. These glow-in-the-dark wall stickers will transform their nursery into a starry night sky.