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    25 Galentine's Day Gifts As Lovely As Your BFF

    On February 13th, celebrate the gals in your life!

    1. Celebrate the fictional creator of Galentine's Day, Leslie Knope, by giving your friend a heart-shaped waffle maker (or keep the waffle maker to yourself, and make your friends some breakfast).

    2. They'll love this stress-relieving adult colouring book that's full of, well, colourful language.

    3. Put photos of you and your BFF in these transparent coasters for a practical and personalised gift.

    4. If they love baking, they'll love this baking tin that makes Insta-worthy cookie cups.

    5. Because you and your BFF go together like milk and cookies, this pin is a perfect little gift.

    6. These heart tattoos may be temporary, but friendship is forever.

    7. What better way to celebrate friendship than with this Friends-inspired card?

    8. This bag of chocolate hearts, because how else will your BFF know how sweet they are?

    9. They'll be bewitched by this spooktastic mug.

    10. A clothbound version of their favourite book is a low-effort yet thoughtful gift.

    11. A little enamel pin will remind them that they're a sweetheart (emphasis on the sweet).

    12. This head massager is a quirky gift for your quirky friend (but real talk, these things feel amazing).

    13. Celebrate your magical friendship with this charming music box that plays the Harry Potter-theme.

    14. These cute sunglasses will remind your BFF that they'll always be in your heart.

    15. You can get this print personalised to look like you and your BFF

    16. This cat zodiac puzzle is a purrfect gift for your whimsical friend.

    17. This fill-in-the-blank journal so they never forget how much they mean to you.

    18. This hilarious patch, because pies do come before guys.

    19. These heart earrings are sweet and charming, just like your BFF.

    20. This cute bath mat, because self-love is really the most important love.

    21. For a sweet treat they won't forget, fill this conversation heart piñata with your friend's favourite sweets.

    22. These rejuvenating Korean sheet masks come in sets of 12, so there's plenty to go around!

    23. Inside this cloud-shaped desk decoration are delicate little crystals that change when the weather does!

    24. For a thoughtful but affordable gift, pop a photo of the two of you in this hexagonal photo holder.

    25. These stunning tarot cards that have holographic edges, so they can navigate their future in style.